The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for Android Wear has been landing on the 2nd and 1st generation Moto 360s over the last week and will be arriving soon on all AW smartwatches. If you haven’t received it yet, keep an eye out for Android Wear

What’s new Android Wear..

New Gestures

Android Wear Gesture support has been taken to the next level. You could already scroll through Cards with a twist of the wrist; now with the latest update you can expand Cards by pushing your wrist downwards and then go back by reversing the gesture. You can also use gestures to bring up and open apps, scroll through settings with a slow turn of the wrist, and return to the home screen from anywhere with a double twist – all great if you can’t be bothered to take your other hand out of your pocket.

Basically, the new gestures gives you far more control just by using one hand..


Added Voice Support

Asking Google Now questions and getting replies was already part of Android Wear. The latest update has added the ability to send messages using your voice with apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Hangouts and more. This new feature makes it quicker and easier to send messages and gives you more freedom from your smartphone – if you don’t mind looking like Dick (Head) Tracy in public.

Speaker Support

The best new addition to come with the Marshmallow update is speaker support which means you can now listen to voice calls and audio/video messages on your smartwatch over a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone, as long as you own a Huawei Watch or Asus ZenWatch 2 (49mm version) as they are the only Android Wear watches so far with a built-in speaker. It’s high time the speaker feature came to AW smartwatches as owners of the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S and Gear S2 3G have been enjoying it for centuries..

Better Battery Life

The Android Doze mode has come to Wear with the Marshmallow update. Doze recognizes lack of movement, e.g, when you’re not wearing your watch. It then shuts down unused background processes which improves the watch’s battery life. With the recent announcement of the new Snapdragon Wear processor which improves battery life, future smartwatches are heading towards the light..

Additional Improvements

The update brings more control over app Permissions; the ability to set the time and date without using your smartphone; Improved Bluetooth headset audio and 6 new supported languages.


With its speaker support, the Marshmallow update for Android Wear is bound to give people with naked wrists even more incentive to invest in a smartwatch that runs the OS.. Now we need an AW smartwatch to land with LTE..






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