More often than not it’s the simple designs and inventions that make it into the stores. This smart wallet by Paris-based OGON Designs is more than half way there as it recently raised $44,751 on Indiegogo, which is 179% of the $25,000 funding goal.

The 3C carbon fiber wallet is designed to free up that unnecessary bulk out your pocket. It holds up to 7 cards and keeps them tight enough so they don’t fall out if you turn it upside down, even with just a single card. There’s also some extra space for cash and receipts.

To make it easier to quickly find and retrieve the card you’re looking for, the wallet has an aperture at the top so you can easily push the cards out with your finger.

ogon smart wallet

In addition to being harder than nails, the 3C is also a pretty smart wallet. Nowadays, with contactless cards living in so many wallets, scammers are thinking up new ways to deprive you of your hard-earned cash – like carrying point of sale scanners to try and mug you contactless style. OGON’s 3C smart wallet has you covered, as it’s equipped with RFID blocking technology. And, because it’s made from carbon fiber, it’s hard enough to smack the mugger over the head with..

Upon purchasing the wallet, you have the option to include a TrackR bravo tracker. This Bluetooth tracker can be installed into the wallet and hooked up with your phone to alert you if about to leave it behind somewhere. TrackR works two ways, so you can also use the wallet to find your phone.

To pinpoint the location of the lost wallet, you need to be in Bluetooth range (around 30 meters). However, TrackR uses a clever system called Crowd GPS; a tracking network that will send you a location update if another TrackR user goes within range of your lost device.

ogon-3c smart wallet wearable-tech

The 3C is made with top-grade aerospace and motorsport carbon fiber, so basically it’s tougher than an Irish bare knuckle boxer. It’s scratch-resistant, and doesn’t buckle under pressure which means your cards won’t bend if you sit on them.

The 3C smart wallet is 100-percent made in France. It’s available now at for 79 Euros.