Weight loss with wearable tech.. Realistic? The makers of these wearables seem to think so.

Some of these devices come with the proactive claim of helping you lose weight just by wearing them, the others are more weight management devices which automatically or manually measure your calorie intake, measure calorie output, and offer nutritional information, exercises and more to help you on your quest to shed some lbs.


Weight Loss With Wearable Tech..

HRM Fitness Trackers


High-end fitness trackers with heart rate monitoring capabilities can be beneficial in your weight loss program if they are used with sensible diets. For instance, most of them come with companion apps that allow you to log what you eat, which is then converted into calorie consumption.

Fitbit’s app includes food logging, either manually or via barcode scanner. Others, such as Garmin, require you to sync their app with a third-party apps such as MyFitnessPal. Even if there is no food logging feature with your fitness tracker’s app, you can simply download a smartphone app that does it – there are many of them.

Good quality fitness trackers will monitor your steps with decent accuracy, they will also monitor different sports/activities. Combining data from the different sensors and HRM, they will tell you how many calories you burned during your walk, run and other activities. This metric is usually called “Active Calories”.

Being disciplined in logging foods (calorie consumption) and using your fitness tracker to keep a close eye on how many “Active Calories” you are burning can be an effective way of managing your weight loss.

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TomTom Touch

wearable technology weight loss tomtom-touch

The TomTom Touch has a front and rear sensor. When you place your finger over the front sensor, an electric current is sent traveling around your body and back into the device, mapping your fat and muscle percentage. Obviously you don’t feel the current, so no electric shocks.

How well does the calorie tracking feature work? The TomTom Touch uses the same bio impedance analysis tech (BIA) as smart scales, which don’t do a bad job.

TomTom’s weight loss wearable has a built-in heart rate monitor for 24-hour BPM tracking. It also monitors your steps, distance, baseline calories, active minutes, and offers a sports mode that compares current vs previous workout, run and bike ride intensities.

The TomTom Touch also keeps you informed of incoming calls and text messages. It’s compatible with Android 4.3 + and iOS 7.1 + and is available now.

 TomTom Touch

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Slender Tone


The original weight-loss wearable, Slendertone uses gentle electrical impulses (EMS) to stimulate the muscles into contracting. This repeated flexing of the muscles can result in calories being burned while you’ve got your feet up in front of the TV – unless you happen to be drinking a pint of gravy..

The electrical stimulation can also result in the strengthening and toning of muscles. Slendertone say they can reach the parts that are difficult to reach with conventional exercise.

There are various Slendertone packages available that target different areas, such as stomach, legs, arms, bum, face, and full body.

Does Slendertone work? Yes, as long as it’s used alongside a good diet.


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MTG Sixpad


The MTG Sixpad, as advertised and recommended by Christiano Ronaldo, uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) like Slendertone. As well offering a more streamlined and sporty look than Slendertone, MTG claim their “CMM Pulse” core technology which uses a proprietary waveform combined with the optimum 20Hz frequency is the most advanced EMS solution on the market. It’s also not the cheapest though.

The MTG Sixpad’s streamlined and wireless design means it can be worn under your clothing while you’re out and about. The soft silicone gel pads contour your body shape and conductive gel sheets attach and distribute the electro stimulation.

This weight loss wearable features various different EMS training modes for different intensities, conditioning, warming up, cooling down, and 15 levels of manually adjustable intensities with one-touch operation.

There are two versions of the MTG Sixpad available: Abs Fit, which concentrates on your abs; and Body Fit, which works your waist, arms and legs.

Ronaldo said he thinks MTG Sixpad is an excellent product for enhancing your muscles, especially if you’re training for explosive power and agility, and then for maintaining peak condition.

 MTG Sixpad

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Cold Shoulder


Like Slendertone, the Cold Shoulder vest apparently helps you burn calories without exercising, but instead of mini electric shocks it basically shivers the fat out of you by way of mild cold exposure therapy.

The Cold Shoulder vest was designed by a NASA scientist. With an 8 hour gel ice system ice draped over the shoulders and back, the vest is designed to absorb body heat without interfering with the body’s natural processes. The cold therapy method used by the vest can burn up to 500 calories per day, according to its makers.

Weight loss aside, wearing the vest is probably a pretty effective way of keeping cool.

 Cold Shoulder

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Healbe GoBe


This wrist-worn weight management gadget doesn’t come with the claim of burning calories while you’ve got your feet up, instead, its prerogative is automatically measuring your calorie consumption.

The first version of the HealBe GoBe was short of convincing reviewers of its calorie counting accuracy, but a common consensus was “the device has potential, and if it could be improved it would be worth another try.”

As it happens, an updated version, the GoBe 1.2, is inbound with updated firmware, an updated app, slimmer design, and among other new features there’s a galvanic skin response sensor which monitors your stress levels by combining with heart rate data, sleep quality, and other parameters. These new additions doesn’t necessarily mean it will be better at tracking calories than the first version.

The GoBe uses Healbe FLOW technology to automatically measure calorie input by reading the glucose levels in the cells through your skin. An advanced algorithm analyzes impedance readings and makes the calculations based on your glucose curves.

According HealBe, the GoBe weight management wearable can track your calorie intake with around 85% accuracy.

 HealBe GoBe

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Thin Ice


Thin Ice is a more hi-tech version of the Cold Shoulder vest. It contains battery-powered Peltier-based cooling technology and uses Bluetooth LE to connect with its companion smartphone app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Within the app there are a selection of digital weight loss delights, such as controlling the temperature of the vest, and checking how many calories you’ve burned.

The makers of Thin Ice claim their technology can help to burn 500 – 1,000 calories a day by tricking your thermoreceptors, which stimulate the brown adipose tissue pathway. The resulting effect activates brown fat which burns calories to generate heat.

The Thin Ice weight loss vest only targets specific areas of the body, thus not triggering the shivering response, apparently.

 Release Date

Apparently Coming in December 2016.



WELT, short for Wellness Belt, was developed as part of Samsung’s C-Lab program which gives the company’s employees the opportunity to create new products and launch new startups.

The WELT is indistinguishable from a regular leather belt, but hiding inside are some pretty nifty features to help you reduce your waistline.

The smart belt automatically measures your waist size and then lets you know if you’re yeilding any extra circumference. There’s also a feature to discourage overeating that monitors the belt’s tension and notifies eaters when they’re about to burst.

Along with the waist measurement and anti-burst features, WELT also counts your steps and keeps track of periods of inactivity.

 Release Date

There’s no price or release date yet for the smart belt, but the startup is now official so it probably won’t be too long before we find out.



Unlike the rest of these devices, the Autodietary necklace isn’t likely to roll off the production line anytime soon, if ever.

The objective of Autodietary is to automatically measure your calorie intake, but unlike the GoBe which reads the glucose levels in your cells, the Autodietary listens to the sounds of foods while they’re being munched.

Essentially, Autodietary listens to your neck as you eat. The necklace contains a high fidelity microphone that records audio of your chomping and sends it over Bluetooth to a smartphone app which compares the sound to pre-recorded sounds in a growing audio library. If the there’s an exact match, the system will automatically assign the calorie input for the food you’re eating.

 Release Date


Autodietary works on the premise that every food has a unique sound when being eaten. Sounds ridiculous? Just a tad, but I wouldn’t rule it out for the future.



Smart rings are showing up in numbers recently. The latest one to hit our radar is the BioRing.

When it comes to the Swedish made BioRing, size doesn’t matter. Despite being ten times smaller than the average fitness tracker, the smart ring offers a greater number of healthy features than most of them.

It has a built-in optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and bio-impedence sensor that work with an advanced algorithm that enables the ring to automatically calculate your calorie consumption. Furthermore, it can distinguish between fat, protein and carbohydrates. It does this by measuring the changes in your cells with high and low frequency electrical signals that read the cell tissues’ resistance. Something like that, anyway.

As well as auto-logging calorie intake, the BioRing monitors your water levels, steps, distance, heart rate, stress levels, and it has some pretty advanced features for monitoring sleep patterns. It will also vibrate when you receive an incoming call, text, email and social media notification.

All the above features are no more than claims at the moment. Until we see the ring doing its thing in real life, it’s no more than an ambitious project.

 Release Date

Probably never.

CloudTag Track


CloudTag have a ten-year background in medical research. They claim their ECG medical-grade fitness tracker is far more accurate than optical heart rate tech offered by the likes of Fitbit and Garmin.

The CloudTag Track can be worn on the wrist while you’re going about your daily business and sleeping, and then clipped onto clothing near the heart when you’re exercising.

With emphasis on weight loss, the CloudTag app provides a personalized fitness and nutritional program and relates directly with the user by continuously adapting to your fitness and weight loss progress.

By entering your weight into the app on a daily basis, CloudTag will be able to predict how long it will be before you reach your desired weight.

So far, the app provides 350 exercises and a ton nutritional tips to get you fit and burning fat. The wearable also comes with a full set of activity tracking features, such as steps, taken, calories burned, and automatic sleep monitoring.

 Release Date

Good question..






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