• Contactless Module Extends Secure Payment to Wearables

Are Wearables a Good Method of Contactless Payments?

I can think of plenty of things I’d rather my wearable devices do other than pay for stuff. But that’s what many companies are focusing on. Having my method of payment permanently exposed and at the ready would surely entice me to buy a load junk I don’t really need.

Also, surely my payment device should be ugly and unattractive to any villains loitering in the area! I suppose smart rings and smart jewelry accessories, along with smartwatches are probably a better form of payment than a sack full of gold nuggets.

STMicroelectronics offers the ST53G System-in-Package for easy and secure contactless transactions using popular wristbands or fashionwear like watches or jewelry. The solution combines a miniaturized and enhanced NFC radio with a secure banking chip in one compact 4 mm x 4 mm module. The company’s proprietary boostedNFC technology allows […]



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