Vert are adding a “G” and some new capabilities to their Wearable Jump Monitor. The new G-Vert will cater for sports such as BMX, skateboarding and cheerleading.

The Vert Jump tech is already being used by the USA women’s volleyball team, and some basketball teams are realizing what it has to offer in the way of measuring performance with stats such as maximum, minimum, and average jump height, and total amount of jumps in a game or training session. Vert is also available for individuals so you don’t have to be in a team to keep tabs on your jump stats.

Vert is a small, lightweight device which can be either worn on a belt or inside clothing. It measures movement in all directions aided by a high-precision 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. It can calculate jump height with an accuracy rate of around 95%. Along with sending performance data to the companion iOS app for analysis, there’s also a real-time display on the device so you can see how high you’re jumping as it happens.

The Vert Jump Monitor is available on Amazon

As jumping plays a major role in many sports, such as BMX, gymnastics, parkour, skateboarding, cheerleading and more; Vert are expanding the capabilities of their jump tracking wearable in collaboration with Nfinity, an athletic apparel company specializing in basketball, volleyball and cheerleading.

The new wearable is called G-Vert and will be available this summer. G-VERT combines the existing jump measurement tech with new G-force measurements, including: total Gs; high and low intensity; surges per minute; high peak acceleration and average peak acceleration.

As well as measuring the athletic performance of sports such as cheerleading, G-Vert also helps athletes understand how to prevent injuries and over excursion.