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Triax Smart Impact Monitor for Team Sports and Individuals

Rocky Balboa is a fictional but perfect example why being on the wrong end of too many head impacts is not Muhammad Ali (The Greatest)!

Amateur and pro athletes are recurrently exposed to potentially harmful head impacts when they’re participating in their sports, some sports more others.

Here are a few quotes from scientific studies that show the dangers of repeated head impacts in sports:

Heading a ball can leave footballers with brain abnormalities and memory loss, a study has found. Players most fond of the “header” suffer changes similar to those seen in patients with traumatic brain injury, scans have revealed.


Participation in sporting activities has been estimated to result in 1.6 million to 3.8 million brain injuries annually. Injuries occurring during collegiate and professional football often receive the greatest attention, with an incidence rate of 4.8% to 6.3% of collegiate athletes 2,3 and 7.7% of National Football League (NFL) athletes.


It has become clear that impact sports like football and boxing can cause long-term brain damage. Now soccer is coming under scrutiny. As evidence mounts that excessively heading a soccer ball can injure a player’s brain, professional players such as Brandi Chastain, a star of the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, are using this year’s tournament to call attention to the health risks facing young players. To learn about the latest science on soccer heading and brain injuries.

Identifying trauma caused by head impacts is not as prominent as it should be, especially in amateur and school/college sports. Wearable technology is changing that statistic! A pioneering US-based company called Triax Technologies Inc is addressing the issue with a wearable device called SIM (Smart Impact Monitor).

Often head impacts and their consequential symptoms go unreported, the Triax SIM delivers data to athletes, coaches, trainers or parents about any impacts sustained during a game, enabling them to take immediate action if necessary.

Triax SIM can be worn as a headband or skullcap with a built-in 3-Axis accelerometer and Gyro to obtain accurate Linear and Rotational impact data, and measure the g-force of every impact. The data is sent in real-time to a phone, tablet, or laptop where coaches and trainers can initiate their concussion protocol on the sideline. The SIM mobile app runs on iOS, and there’s an Android version in the making. Your data can also be sent to the online cloud for long-term analysis.


There are two versions of the device; The SIM-G for team sports, and SIM-P for individuals. The two versions differ slightly in specs but offer the same result.

SIM-G (for teams) allows for any interested party to receive immediate text alerts when there is an impact that exceeds a customized threshold. It has a range of 150 yards, a transmit time of 20 Milliseconds, can be used by 63 users simultaneously, uses Wi-Fi connectivity, and has 17 hours of usage.

SIM-P (for individuals) has a range of approximately 10 meters, a sync rate of 8 impacts per second, 9 hours of usage, and uses Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

Not only does the Triax SIM enable you to make smart safety decisions & take instant action, it also records the number of impacts and saves historical data of impacts throughout an athlete’s career. There is also a feature called T.E.S.T.™ – Proprietary software that allows coaches to identify athletes who aren’t using the proper technique in activities such as heading a ball. With objective data from T.E.S.T™ reports, coaches and trainers can retrain members of their team on the proper technique, reducing exposure to head trauma.

The Triax Smart Impact Monitor is waterproof, durable, and designed to be comfortable. They come in a variety of colors and can be customized to fit the aesthetics of any team.


So if you’re into football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, wrestling, boxing, MMA, cheerleading or any other sport that puts strain on the brain, then consider adopting the Triax SIM as your cranial nurse, like Rocky should have done years ago!

Learn more about the Triax Smart Impact Monitor!

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