People are becoming more aware of smart jewelry accessories, i.e jewelry that has some of the functions of activity trackers and smartwatches. Wearable technology is well into its stride with more innovative devices becoming available every day, smart jewelry is in the mix, but still not too many brands are ready for the consumer market, yet.

Jewelry designers collaborating with existing wearable tech firms is a way that high-tech bling reaches the market effectively and swiftly. Some examples of this are the Tory Burch smart jewelry collection that’s designed to house the Fitbit Flex, and the Swarovsky – Misfit Shine.

The Tory Burch collection is the most chic approach to bringing bling to your Fitbit, and now the American designer has added to the collection with her new Fret Bracelet!

The new Fret bracelet also houses the Fitbit Flex, which is still the best-selling wearable even though a new generation of Fitbit trackers have hit the shelves. The Fret is a re-working of the previous bracelet, it’s a little thicker with a double wrap leather band with a clasp, the leather band comes in two shades of brown – Light oak and Bark, black and grey. The new designs pair with the signature gold silver, rose gold and shiny brass Fret finishes.


The Tory Burch smart jewelry version of your activity tracker won’t look out-of-place with your night-time apparel or casual wear that a standard Fitbit Flex just doesn’t look good with.

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Smart Jewelry is the future of rings, bracelets and necklaces. The Fitbit Flex is still a great fitness tracker, and has dropped in price since the release of the Fitbit Charge and Surge, and if you want to posh it up with some Tory Burch style, then the drop in price should justify the Fret collection price tag.