Weight loss is one of the largest sectors in the health industry. When it comes to weight management tech, it makes sense to wear it on your body, as the body is where the weight is. TomTom have seen the light, the result; the TomTom Touch fitness tracker.

TomTom aren’t new to tracking steps, distance, calories and the likes; the TomTom Spark released back in October 2015 does the lot. It also offers a standalone music player, GPS tracking, and one of the most accurate wrist-worn heart rate monitors.

The new TomTom Touch slots into the same category as the Fitbit Flex 2 and Fitbit Alta, apart from it comes equipped with bio impedance technology designed for weight management, thus, that’s its USP.

Weight Management

The fitness tracker has a front and rear sensor; upon placing you finger over the front sensor, a current is sent traveling around your body and back into the device to map your muscle and fat percentage. Obviously you can’t feel the current, or it just wouldn’t be cheese.

TomTom say it’s best to take the body composition readings at the same time of day, preferably in the morning and when you’re fully hydrated. Also, it’s important to view the reading as a trend rather than a single number, as your weight can go up and down from day-to-day, hence a true measure of your progress is realized over time.

Your body composition data is sent to the MySports app where you can keep up with your weight loss progress.


How well does the fat tracking feature work? The TomTom Touch uses the same bio impedance analysis tech (BIA) as smart scales, which do the job. I guess we’ll find out how well the wearable version performs some time in October when the TomTom Touch is launched.


The Touch’s interchangeable bands will be available in numerous colors, including white, reddish pink, light blue, and dark blue. The tracker’s 5.58 x 22.38mm (128 x 32 px) touchscreen display allows you to view and swipe through your activity stats, plus tell the time.


Fitness Tracking

TomTom’s weight loss wearable uses an optical heart rate monitor to track your BPM 24/7. It tracks steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, active minutes, and features a sports mode that allows you compare your current intensity with previous workouts, runs and bike rides.

It is also equipped with automatic sleep monitoring and provides sleep quality insights. Although TomTom are well-known for their navigation equipment, the Touch lacks GPS capabilities.

Smart Notifications

It’s not the smartest in terms of notifications, i.e., it lacks email and social media alerts, but it will display incoming caller ID and text messages.


The TomTom Touch can’t be used for swimming as it is IPX7 splash-proof only.


The TomTom MySports app is compatible with Android 4.3 + and iOS 7.1 +.

Battery Life

Between 5 and 7 days depending on usage. The battery is charged via a Micro-USB cable.

Price and Release Date

The TT Touch will set you back $129.99 USD state side, and £129.99 in the UK. It will available sometime in October 2016.

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