If a company had invented a weight management wearable tech device which could automatically monitor your calorie intake throughout the day, surely you would have heard of it! If if you’re on a diet, anyway.

Such a device does actually exist, it’s called the HealBe GoBe, and its makers claim it can automatically measure the calorific intake of the average person with an accuracy rate between 84 and 93%.

The wearable showed up at CES 2015 where it stirred up the skeptics who in short didn’t have much confidence in the calorie counting claim. Since its release, the device has received mixed reviews as to whether it does what it says on the tin.

We haven’t tested the device out for ourselves, but I’ve just spent the last hour reading user reviews around the web. The number of people who say the GoBe doesn’t work outnumber those who say it does. It has received a few 5 star reviews on Amazon, but I always take Amazon customer reviews with a pinch of salt, many of them, anyway.


The GoBe user reviews I’ve read have some things in common, such as a buggy and confusing app, a bulky build, bad skin contact, and massively underestimating calorie intake – not great if you’re trying to lose weight. One thing that some users did say is GoBE has potential and they may consider buying an updated version.

Guess what, HealBe are releasing an updated version, the GoBe 1.2 with updated firmware and an updated app. The new model is more sleek in design and has slimmed down in size from 60 grams to 45 grams.

The GoBe 1.2 apparently brings more accuracy, improved Bluetooth syncing, and more user-friendly app. New features include a galvanic skin response sensor which apparently measures your stress levels by combining with an analysis of your heart rate data, sleep quality, and other parameters.

The wearable uses Healbe FLOW technology to automatically log calories by reading the glucose levels in your cells through your skin. An advanced algorithm analyzes impedance readings and calculates calorific intake based on your glucose curves.

The HealBe GoBe app is compatible with iOS 7.0 + and Android 4.3 +. The GoBe 1.2 should be available in June 2016 for around $249. Learn more

According to its makers, GoBe currently has an average error rate of around 15%. For me though, that 15% could be the difference between slimp and blimp..






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