You can now buy Under Armour’s first fitness tracker, the UA Band. Under Armour, a company that started life in a Washington basement 20 years ago, now oversees the worlds largest fitness community with over 162m users around the world. The sportswear company secured their position at the top of the digital fitness domain after acquiring three of the major fitness apps which already had millions of users – MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness and Endomondo. Over 1.7b workouts were apparently logged by apps owned by Under Armor over the last year.

The company already have big name sports personalities wearing their gear, and have been producing some of the finest sports and fitness apparel over the years. Now Under Armour are making the transition into wearable technology, announcing plans to integrate sensors into clothing and create the world’s most comprehensive fitness ecosystem. One of their most exciting upcoming products is a new version of their Speedform Gemini 2 RE running shoes with integrated sensors and connected features.

UA Healthbox – UA Band

UA Healthbox by Under Armour and HTC is a new digital fitness package which consists of the UA Band fitness tracker, UA Heart Rate chest strap, and UA Scale smart digital scales. All of your data can then be analyzed in the UA Record app for iOS and Android.


Under Armour’s first fitness tracker, aptly named the UA Band features most of the Quantified Self essentials including an optical heart rate monitor.

The UA Band will count your steps and allow you to keep tabs on your daily goal progress. It has an Activity Intensity feature and Workout Log so you can choose a workout type and get a custom calculation for your calories burned when paired with the UA Heart Rate Chest Strap. You can also workout with real-time heart rate zones when using the Band with the chest strap.

The UA Band also wants to be your bedtime buddy as monitors your night’s kip and uses the optical HRM to gather data on your resting heart rate. The Band automatically syncs to the UA Record app where you can see sleep reports containg sleep quality and duration. You don’t need to sync the Band everyday as it can record up to a weeks worth of data. There’s also a vibrating alarm that you can set to silently let you know when it’s time to climb out of the sack.


Like many other fitness trackers, the UA Band has an Activity Alert – not the best feature in the world. I’m currently wearing a Garmin Vivosmart HR which keeps on buzzing to try and get me moving – It sometimes gets me as far as the kettle, but it’s not so easy to walk around the block every hour when you’re working..


The UA Band has a 1.36-inch PMOLED display. If it’s paired with your smartphone and you receive a notification, the Band will give you a little buzz and display incoming caller ID, text messages and calendar reminders. UA’s new wearable isn’t as strong in the notification department as some other fitness trackers, such as the Garmin Vivosmart HR or Microsoft Band 2. Another feature that is found on many fitness trackers is music control. The UA Band allows you to remotely select tracks and adjust the volume of your smartphone’s playlist.

The UA Band has a battery life of around 5 days which is on par with its top competitors. It isn’t waterproof enough to wear in the swimming pool but should withstand a shower.

UA Band Main Specs

 1.36” PMOLED

 8MB Flash / 4MB SRAM

 110 mAh Battery

 Bluetooth LE

 2ATM Water-resistant

 Compatible with iOS 8 + and Android 4.4 +

Now Available in the U.S

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