This Singapore-based startup are aiming to help runners reduce the risk of injury as well as gain insights about running form by way of real-time biometric feedback.

The Stepp smart running wearable is currently live on Kickstarter where so far they’ve raised just over $25,000 out of a $70,000 funding goal, still with 49 days of the campaign remaining.

The makers of Stepp claim their connected running tech provides the world’s most advanced real-time digital running coach solution. This remains to be seen, especially with brands such as TUNE, ATO-GEAR Arion, Under Armour and more arriving on┬áthe scene.

There’s little doubt that footwear giants such as Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, etc, will dominate the connected footwear space in the years to come due to their massive brand awareness, distribution channels and experience in producing the best looking and best performing sports footwear. However, that doesn’t mean wearable gadgets like Stepp can’t claim a slice of the pie because they can be used with any training shoes.

Developed in collaboration with scientists over a five-year period, Stepp is designed for casual runners, event runners and coaches. It consists of three lightweight wearable units that attach to each of your running shoes and waist.


Using advanced motion sensors, the running tech is capable of mapping out your entire lower-limb movement. The performance tracking features include: foot contact time, strike type, balance, stride length, pronation, impact force on knees and feet, swing speed, and foot contact angle.

Thanks to the waist clip it can monitor hip tilt and vertical movement, and the essential running metrics, such as speed and cadence are also included.

Onboard Stepp is a digital coach that provides actionable insights to get you running more efficiently. When you hook up a pair of headphones to your smartphone, Stepp’s live coach provides performance data, fatigue alerts, form correction and more.


Stepp uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect wirelessly with devices running iOS or Android.


Stepp has water-resistance rating of IP68, so running through a puddle shouldn’t end its life.

Battery Life

It has a battery life of around 6 hours and is charged wirelessly.

Price and Release Date

The Stepp smart running wearable will be retailing for $199 USD. Early bird prices with a 40% discount are still available over at Kickstarter, but probably won’t be for long.

Kickstarter backers can expect to receive orders in June – July 2017.