The Moov fitness tracker is one of Amazon’s top ranking wearables, and with a very competitive price, plus, a rich set of features, it’s not hard to work out why.

Today, there’s a new Moov on the block, and you can pre-order one now for a discounted price of $59.99 (limited availability), which is about $40 less than the retail price will be.

The Moov Now, like the original Moov, stands out among the plethora of fitness trackers available in today’s market. Most fitness trackers provide stats about your daily routines, Moov goes further by acting as a digital training coach.

What’s New With The Moov Now

The new Moov Now is 44 percent smaller than the original. The rechargeable battery has been replaced by a coin cell which provides up to 6 months of fuel – good news if you’re running out of USB ports!

The new Moov Now is designed to be an all-day device, whereas the original is only meant to be worn for workouts and sports. The new model will feature sleep monitoring, which is something the original lacked. The Moov Now also has a new processor that doubles the speed of its predecessor’s, and Bluetooth syncing has been improved.


The Moov Now has a new and improved, breathable band, it’s more lightweight, and like the original it straps to either your wrist or ankle. Moov fitness trackers come with an impressive line up of apps; Running, walking, cycling, swimming, seven-minute workout, and boxing. In the near future all of the apps will be unified under one app. The new app will include added features for workouts, such as Spinning and Tabata, plus, more social interaction with a community leaderboard. Both the Moov Now and original Moov will support the new app, which will run on iOS and Android.

Why Moov Fitness Trackers Are Causing Such a Buzz..

Moov is a digital coach, if you take your smartphone training Moov will provide real-time audio feedback to help you maximize your performance. The boxing coach is a winning feature! As your wrist movements are tracked in 3D, Moov recognizes jabs, hooks, uppercuts and combinations, the faster and more accurate you are, the higher you score. The boxing app also supports two Moovs, obviously because boxing is a two-handed sport.


For the money, the swimming app also kicks hindward region; stroke length, stroke rate, lap time, lap pace, flip turn time and more are all made available, but, not in real-time, unless you want to dive in with your smartphone.

As we are a wearable technology blog, we keep track of what sells – Fitbit and Misfit being the trendiest brands. Trendy or not, they have some serious competition Moovin their way!

The new Moov Now fitness tracker is now available.


 Moov Now

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