Connected apparel specialists Sensoria have announced a new smart running shoe, being coined as the next ‘must-have product for distance runners’.

The shoes feature built-in textile pressure sensors which work with the Sensoria Core module which attaches to your shoes and has the ability to connect to multiple footwear and garment embedded sensors, features a 9-axis MEMS sensor and can be re-used when your running shoes have worn out.

The new wearables provide visual and audible feedback about your performance in real-time and connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Sensoria Run v2.0 mobile app. On board is Sensoria’s AI lady, Mara who can talk you through your runs providing detailed biometric feedback and detecting errors in your running form.

sensoria smart shoes app

The new Sensoria Smart Running Shoes bring plenty of advanced metrics, including foot landing, foot contact, impact, cadence, speed, altitude, descent and some more basic stuff like steps, distance and calories burned. The platform can also be used with an external HRM.

As well as improving your running technique and ultimately helping your run faster and longer, Sensoria are aiming to reduce the risk of injury caused by bad form. According to recent research data, 65% of runners get injured every year and the average runner gets injured every 100 hours.

The smart shoes are available to preorder now for $99 USD but the price will go up to $199 after the promo price ends. The expected shipping time for the shoes is sometime in the first quarter of 2018.