The availability of Samsung’s new sporty addition to their Level headset series, the Level Active has been announced today.

The headset is now available in the U.S for $99 with Asian and European countries following shortly

The Samsung Level Active Bluetooth headset has been designed for indoor and outdoor sports and fitness. To make sure the it remains comfortable as well as anchored in place for the duration of your run or workout; it’s built with soft silicon earhooks, streamlined wingtips and secure earhooks.

The new sporty headset is splash-proof and features a P2i nano-coating inside the earphones, so it will survive when the flood gates open half way through your workout.

A simple press and hold of the Bluetooth button will pair the headset to your smartphone. Once connected, it provides control over your music: play, pause, skip and volume via the inline remote.

It’s compatible with the latest version of the Samsung Level app which makes it easy to set up the features and notification preferences.


The notifications menu allows you to control which alerts get through to your ears. There’s a “Limit Notifications” setting that ensures only incoming calls and preset alarms get through for minimal distraction while you’re working out.

For sports and activities, there’s an “Active Key” feature that controls how the headset will monitor your workout. When activated, you can select whether to connect the Clock, Timer or S Health. If you select S Health, you can then choose to record workout data for walking, hiking, running or cycling.

By pressing and holding the right earphone’s “Active Key” you will get audio playback of your recorded activities, such as distance covered and exercise duration.

The Samsung Level app is compatible with devices running Android 4.2 and higher.

The new sporty Bluetooth headset doesn’t offer an artillery of fitness features like the Samsung Gear IconX, but at half the price you can add some digitally healthy features to your music and calls.





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