The Samsung Gear Fit2 is now official. The Korean tech titans unveiled the new fitness wearable along with their Gear IconX sports headphones earlier today. Leaks emerged a few weeks ago suggesting the Gear Fit2 was already fully developed and maybe arriving in June, the leaks proved to be accurate in terms of the release but some of the rumored specs didn’t come to light.

What’s new with the Gear Fit2..


It’s been just over two years since the first Samsung Gear Fit was released. The Gear Fit 2 has the same type of smartwatch hybrid design with a curved display, only it’s more streamlined with the edges of the display more in line with the band.

The Gear Fit2 comes in three different colors and small and large sizes. Its predecessor only comes in one color and one size.


The Gear Fit2 display is slightly smaller but higher in resolution. It has a curved Super AMOLED 1.5-inch 216 x 432 touchscreen. The original has a 1.84-inch 128 x 432 curved Super AMOLED touchscreen.


The Gear Fit2 runs the Tizen OS, the original runs RTOS.


Samsung have equipped the Gear Fit2 with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage – the same as most smartwatches. The original has 8MB of RAM 16MB of storage – significant difference here then.


Samsung have added a built-in GPS and a barometer to the optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyro found on the original Gear Fit.


The new wearable features a standalone music player which supports pretty much every audio format including MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGG. With 4GB of storage you can load tracks onto your wrist, connect up some Bluetooth headphones, and Robert’s your father’s brother.


Samsung are also teaming up with Spotify to bring a dedicated music app, but the Gear Fit 2 doesn’t have standalone connectivity so you’ll need to paired with your smartphone to use the new app.


One of the drawbacks of the original Gear Fit was its limited compatibility with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. This has been somewhat rectified as the Gear Fit2 is compatible with devices with at least 1.5GB of RAM running Android 4.4 and above.

Dust and Water Resistant

Gear Fit2: IP68

Original Gear Fit: IP67

Battery Life

Gear Fit2: 200mAh

Original Gear Fit: 210mAh

Although the new model has a slightly smaller battery, it still offers the same battery life of up to 4 days. This would obviously depend usage, if you listen to a lot of music then expect less. In GPS tracking mode it lasts up to 9 hours.


The bottom line is, you won’t need to eat Weetabix if you’re wearing the Samsung Gear Fit2! It’s is a far more powerful and feature packed wearable than its predecessor.


Along with GPS tracking and on-screen maps, heart rate monitoring and a standalone music player, the sleek new sports band will monitor your steps, distance, calories and automatically track your sleep.

It automatically detects activities so you won’t need to enter them manually. There’s a total of 15 activities, including: running, walking, cycling, indoor cycling, treadmill, step machine, rowing machine, pilates, eliptical, crunches, squats and yoga.

Depending on the activity, the Gear Fit2 displays animations to show you the proper exercise techniques so they can be tracked more accurately, it can also provide feedback at set intervals during your workout.


The spanking new wearable pairs with Android smartphones using Bluetooth LE 4.2. When you’re connected the Gear Fit 2 will deliver notifications for incoming calls, text, email, calendar, and social media apps.

Trends, performance, goals, challenges, sharing and more are all made easy with the smartphone app. You can also sync with S Health and other fitness apps to transfer data.

Price and Release Date

The super koopa troopa new fitness tracker will set you back $180 USD – around $70 cheaper than one of it’s main competitors, the Microsoft Band 2. It will be shipping from June 10th.

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The Samsung Gear Fit2 has more features than one of Scooby Doo’s hot dogs!  It’s a sure competitor of the Garmin Vivoactive HR and Microsoft Band 2 which are also GPS-enabled. It’s designed for indoor and outdoor activities, and with similar specs to high-end smartwatches, it’s a pretty clever lifestyle wearable..