360-degree cameras are no doubt going to be the future of how we steal a moment of the Lord’s work for all to gawk at on social networks for ever and ever..

I was recently discussing 360-degree cameras with a fine young lady who remained steadfast to her argument that we can’t benefit from panoramic photos because our eyes can only see 160-degrees (give or take the peripheral) at any one time.

It wasn’t until I played the virtual reality card that her defense started to wane, obviously she had never endowed her perfectly shaped nugget with a VR headset and seen what shooting in 360 has to offer. Even without a VR headset, 360-degree video/photos takes viewing experiences to the next level, with platforms such as YouTube you can pan your camera to see what’s going down from every angle.

Samsung Gear 360 Launched in South Korea

Since the Samsung Gear 360 (camera) was on show at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress we’ve been waiting to find out how much it will cost and when it will be available in the U.S and Europe.

Although the Samsung Gear 360 became available yesterday in South Korea, a U.S launch doesn’t seem to be a high priority as it’s not in the list of launch countries. The panoramic camera looks like it’s heading to Europe though, as It’s now available to pre-order from Samsung’s Netherlands website for €349.00 with an estimated shipping date of June 10 2016.

Via gsmarena