After recent announcements by analysts about the revenue generated by wearable technology running into the billions and even past the trillion mark in the coming years, ears have started to perk up!

This is obviously extremely positive for wearable start-up companies who are now gaining the attention of serious investors.

Ringly the smart jewelry accessory was one of the first of its kind to circulate around the web. The attractive smartring with Bluetooth connectivity is not only high-tech, but is also an attractive fashion accessory.

Ringly has recently received funding of $5.1 million to further its production and continue leading the smart jewelry industry.

Smart jewelry startup Ringly has received a ringing endorsement from noted venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which led its Series A funding round to the tune of $5.1 million. Other investors in the nearly 3-year-old, New York-based startup include First Round Capital, The Social+Capital Partnership and Mesa+ — each