This smart makeup mirror by Panasonic is aiming to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on making your skin look beautiful.

On display at the CEATEC trade show in Japan, Panasonic’s smart makeup mirror still isn’t available to buy yet, but it is a reality and in the prototype stage.

Surely a must have addition to your smart bedroom in your smart home, the futuristic mirror takes just minutes to hide any imperfections, blemishes, sun damage, open pores, age spots, and the other bits you don’t like – a task which would eat up several hours of your week doing it the old way.

The mirror uses HD cameras to scan your face and determine where treatment is needed, even if it’s not visible to the naked eye. Once the mirror has done its work the corresponding data is sent to a companion 3D printer which then sets about formulating a tattoo-like makeup mask which is then applied to the skin.


After printing the mask, it needs to dry for about a day, so printing a few of them would probably be a good idea to stay a few days ahead. To apply the mask, you simply press it against your face using a special positioning system to keep it in place and then spray it with water. Removing the mask doesn’t require scrubbing like some other temporary tattoos as it can be easily washed off using soap and water.


every imperfection is accounted for, as well as your unique skin tone. Panasonic are taking beauty tech very seriously and it’s likely that (not-so-distant) future versions of the smart mirror will be capable of concealing scars, unwanted tattoos and even wrinkles.

An earlier version of Panasonic’s revolutionary beauty tech mirror was on display at CES back in January. Like the most recent version, it would take a snap of your face and also provide illustrations with a smartphone app showing your overall skin condition, as well as breaking down the info into sub categories, such as the condition of your pores, smile lines, wrinkles and more. It would then recommend the best products to treat the recognized conditions.

Technology is already having a positive impact on beauty, and advancements in beauty tech products is making them more affordable and accessible to everyone to use at home. Despite this however, I suspect the smart makeup mirror won’t be too cheap upon its release, given that it needs to 3D print the masks as well as scan.

No release date has emerged yet, but sometime in 2017 is not unrealistic.