The Raptor AR glasses for cyclists and triathletes are now available to pre-order.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 CPU and packing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ANT+, the highly anticipated smart glasses have been hitting headlines since they were announced last year and are looking to be the go to gadget for augmented reality seeking sporty folk, taking on the likes of the Intel-owned Recon Jet.

Everysight, the company behind Raptor AR glasses, have equipped them with proprietary BEAM technology that uses the lens as the augmented display which overlays your digital performance data into your line of sight in sharp HD.

raptor ar glasses cycling

The glasses can be hooked up with external sensors so they’re able to display real-time metrics such as heart rate, cadence and power. The smart specs also support GPS and GLONASS so expect maps and navigation as part of the experience.

What else do the Raptors do? Well, there’s a built-in camera so you can record your bike crashes to have a look back on at later date for a good laugh, and they will display phone notifications – stuff like incoming caller ID.

The smart glasses come with either 16GB or 32GB of storage and offer around 8 hours of battery life. Starting today, you can request a pre-order invite for the Raptors at with prices ranging from $499 to $699.