The world’s first smart paddleboard gadget..

With stand up paddleboarding, a.k.a. SUP swiftly becoming more popular, it’s no surprise that a companion gadget is now available. It’s called SUPerior.

SUPerior by Motionize is a smart device that attaches to your paddle. The waterproof device houses a 9-axis motion sensor to keep track of your movements, and Bluetooth LE for wireless connectivity.

SUPerior is the world’s smartest paddleboarding tracker. Actually, it’s the world’s only paddleboard tracker, So far. It will monitor your strokes per minute, distance covered per stroke, total number of strokes, paddle entry angle, and calories burned and heart rate if you hook it up to a HRM chest strap.

All your stats will be available to review in the Motionize SUP app after your sessions. But, if you take your smartphone on the water with you, SUPerior offers even more, such as real-time visual feedback and audio cues, speed tracking, and you can track your routes with GPS.

paddleboard gadget superior-track-strokes-and-distance

By observing the paddleboarders that do their thing off the beach where I used to live in Spain, and where I live now on the south coast of England; it doesn’t seem like they are really bothered about in-depth performance metrics. Instead they just look completely chilled out and disconnected from anything digital. I’m not sure whether the SUPerior gadget would be too well received by this tranquil bunch.

On the other hand; if you’re into SUP to get fit, go faster, and improve your performance after each session, then this water-friendly gizmo is a candidate for your Christmas list.

SUPerior is charged via USB and has a battery life of around 5 hours. The Motionize SUP app is available for iOS 8.0 + and Android 5.0 +.

The world’s smartest (and only) paddleboard gadget is available now for $99 over at




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