Smart clothing will be final frontier for wearable technology. In other words, people aren’t going to stop wearing clothes anytime soon and the tech element is here to stay. Smart clothes with embedded sensors will replace wrist-worn fitness trackers, the non-fashionable rubber numbers, but good looking smart jewelry accessories and smartwatches will remain because people will always wear them as fashion accessories.

Self-lacing sneakers, color-changing dresses, heated jackets, self drying jackets, wearable touchpads and more are all part of the smart clothing realm, but it’s health and fitness where the most potential currently lies.

Anyway, onto the story about the German pro hockey player and his partnership with the hi-tech fitness garb makers, Vexatec.

Leon Draisaitl, center for the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers, has announced a partnership with wearable technology company Vexatec . The German hockey player will wear Vexatec’s “Agility-shirt” product filled with high-tech tiny textile sensors. The product is fitted with an inbuilt central computing unit, called the 3D-A-Cluster, which the company […]