Forbes describe Adidas as the world’s third largest sports brand, but so far we haven’t seen an all-out assault on wearable tech by the Bavarian based titan. Sure, we’ve seen the Adidas miCoach Smart Run and Fit Smart, but compared to some companies, such as Garmin, Adidas’ wearable tech department seems pretty laid back.

due to the enormity of their brand awareness, when Adidas do decide to dig their heels into the wearables scene, they will almost certainly dominate a large portion of it, as in the future pretty much all sporting apparel will come with functionality and they claim a large percentage of worldwide sporting apparel sales.

Nike, the world’s largest sporting brand, have recently announced their HyperAdapt 1.0 auto-lacing sneakers are coming in 2016, so their major rivals were bound to make some announcements of their own, but instead of a new pair of Back to the Future style sneakers, it’s come in the form of a kid’s fitness tracker with ambitions for physical education. Not quite as exciting as power laces then..

The Adidas Zone wants to give teachers a new way to pay closer attention to the fitness levels of their students. Recognizing that every student has different fitness levels, the Adidas Zone enables PE teachers to assign custom routines to suit the fitness of different students. The new wearable has been developed in collaboration with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT), the gold standard in wearable fitness tech with the vision of creating a large-scale health solution. Teachers, students and parents also helped with the development by providing important end-user feedback.

So far the technology looks like it’s heading for schools in the U.S as IHT are on board with their Spirit project which they claim reaches 600,000 students at schools across the States.

The Adidas Zone is a lively looking wearable with a built-in optical heart rate monitor to help track activities and fitness levels, it’s also NFC-enabled for rapid syncing.

According to News.Adidas we are “Amidst an obesity epidemic.. Where fewer than half of high school students meet the federal standards for physical activity”… Federal standards?? Oh,, okay… The standards that allow companies to profit from ramming copious amounts of sugar into foods and advertising them in shiny boxes..

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