The Moov HR has arrived with ECG-grade heart rate monitoring to provide an alternative to those not-so-comfortable chest straps

Back in 2014 the Moov classic revolutionized wearable fitness and sports coaching with a feature set that simply made the leading fitness trackers from Fitbit, Garmin and the likes look extremely ordinary.

It’s no suprise then that after just 15 days of launching a crowdfunding campaign the Moov Classic reached $1m USD in sales, becoming more successful than any other campaign before it for a fitness-specific gadget.

Then in 2015 came the Moov Now, a more streamlined, updated version of the original.

Today, with probably the best and definitely the most affordable AI fitness and sports coaching platform behind them, Moov have added an ECG-accurate heart rate monitor to their wearable tech collection.

Moov HR


If you want an accurate BPM count while working out at a high level of intensity, wrist-worn HRMs just don’t cut it. They are okay for monitoring your resting heart rate, but when you start moving hard during excercise their contact with the skin is compromised, and tight contact is fundamental to the accuracy of optical heart rate monitors.

Wrist-worn HRMs struggle to maintain tight contact during workouts due to movement, muscle constriction and sweat. Plus, once the skin contact is compromised even a tiny bit, ambient light can interfere with the optical HRM which uses its own light source to determine your blood flow and measure your BPM.

Thus far, the alternative is an ECG chest strap. The problem is with those is they’re not too comfortable.

For these reasons, the team at Moov, lead by former Apple and Microsoft engineers have created their next-generation heart rate monitor in the form of a sweatband.


We spoke with Erick McAfee from Moov. “We wanted to optimize heart rate accuracy with the Moov HR. We wanted to make a device that people can use with confidence to provide accurate heart rate zone data and accurately monitor their heart rate during HIIT workouts. HIIT has become so popular, and are probably the best workouts for building power and stamina and burning calories.

After extensively testing multiple body parts to find out where to get the most accurate data while working out at high intensity, we found that wearing the device on the head, the temple, came up with the best results – taking into account; blood flow, sweat, light, movement and contact.”

The Moov HR will help you to maximize your hard-earned results by training in the correct heart rate zones. “Forty minutes at the gym might feel like a sufficient workout, but unless you’re pushing through every squat, burpee and sprint within your target heart rate zone, you’re doing it all wrong.”

There are two versions of the Moov HR. The Moov HR Sweat and the Moov HR Swim


The Moov HR Sweat is a sweat-absorbant headband with a tiny, lightweight senor containing Moov’s PulseVision™ technology. If you are familiar with the Moov Classic or Moov Now you’ll know they use a 9-axis accelerometer to measure your movement in 3D and work with an AI voice coach that provides actionable insights and feedback in real-time.

The Moov app and AI coach offers multiple, in-depth training programs: Run and Walk, Swimming, Boxing, Cycling, and Training.

Now with the addition of the Moov HR headband you can add accurate heart rate monitoring to your Moov workouts plus some brand new programs have been created: HIIT Run, HIIT Indoor Cycling and Bodyweight Circuit. The new AI-driven programs are designed to have you torching calories and melting fat as well optimizing power and stamina.


The Moov HR Swim offers the same HRM technology. It comes in the form of a swim cap and adds accurate heart rate and calorie burn data to the ton of swimming metrics already offered by the Moov Classic and Moov Now. These include automatic stroke recognition, stroke rate, stroke length, laps, and turns/flips.

For a limited time, the Moov HR Sweat and HR Swim are available now for $59.95 USD over at Moov You can also take part in Moov’s special launch price and get the sweatband and swim cap $99.90 while supplies last.

If you’re kitted out with the Moov Now + Moov HR, you’ve basically got the best and most complete sports coaching wearable tech set up. And, equally as impressive as the performance, is the price.