The Moov is not your average fitness tracker. It’s different because it doesn’t count your steps and calories throughout the day, and it doesn’t monitor sleep. However, the features Moov offers for a very reasonable price really puts it into a league of own!

Moov Fitness Tracker Review Hands-on

In The Box

Moov comes with two silicone bands – one for your wrist and the other for your ankle, a USB charging dock, and the tracking module.



One thing the Moov aint is a style icon! If at any time in the future hospitals start giving wearables to patients to stop them wandering around and getting lost, they would probably look something like the Moov. Saying that, when you press the top of Moov the onboard LED makes it glow in 5 different colors which looks pretty cool for a few seconds.



Absolutely no issues with the comfort. The silicone band is extremely soft and flexible, almost like jelly in fact, and the tracking module has a grand total weight of about 8.5 grams.



The tracker is modular so it can be swapped between bands, and it’s very easy to clip into place. There are some comments floating around that say the tracker sometimes falls out of the band when using it on the ankle. This never happened to me at all. The tracker is made from plastic, the band is made from silicone, and the clip on top of the band is polycarbonate.


The Moov is nothing like a fitness tracker such as the Basis Peak in terms of build quality, but there again it’s about a quarter of the price..


This one is easy! The Moov doesn’t have a display of any kind.

Fitness Tracking & Sports

Moov doesn’t act as an all-day activity and sleep tracker like most devices on the market. Instead it works per activity, e.g, you turn it on when you start training and off when you’re finished. You can then go back and view your stats for each session which is stored in the app.

Moov is geared up for running/walking, 7-minute workouts, boxing cardio, and swimming. Each of the 4 training modes has a separate app (boxing cardio is iOS only). Obviously if you’re boxing training you would want to keep track of what both hands are doing, which is why you can use two Moovs with the boxing app.

For the dry-land activities, Moov works with your smartphone providing real-time visual and audio feedback to motivate and improve your performance. At first I was skeptical about how much the monotone voice of a robot lady would be able to motivate me, and how long I would be able to stand listening to her, but I was surprised as she actually stamped her artificial authority on me, I even found myself talking back to her, but she never did tell me her name..

She tells you if your steps, cadence, etc, is on target to reach your goal. She vociferates motivational cues, stuff like “Swing your arms to get your legs moving quicker”, “Pull your shoulders back for a better posture”, and my favorite “Imagine you’re walking on hot ground so you move more quickly”.

After a training session with the digital coach the session is stored so you can go back and see all stats including how many calories you burned.



For the Running/Walking and Cycling modes, Moov uses your smartphone’s GPS to gauge distance, pace and speed. I was using it with an Android phone and the Location feature needed to be enabled for the Moov to find the GPS.







These screenshots were from an indoor cycle, that’s why there is an RPM reading but Moov uses the GPS for speed and distance in cycling mode, that’s why they read zero. When the GPS is enabled in cycling mode, the map on the right of the screen shot will zoom into your exact location.


7 Minute Workout

Like the other modes, the 7 Minute Workout uses intervals and a progression through different intensity levels. There are also videos for each workout so you can see how to perform the exercises correctly.


Push ups should be on here aswell, but for some reason I couldn’t find the screenshots 🙁



Moov works differently for swimming. When you dive in the pool you obviously can’t take your smartphone with you, so Moov’s swim mode stores up to 90 minutes of data which you upload to your smartphone after your session. Moov has a water-resistant rating of 1 ATM (10 meters)





The Moov apps are compatible with iOS and Android (Boxing Cardio iOS only).  There is good news for anyone who doesn’t want to create yet another account, as Moov doesn’t require you to create one. There is no dashboard for desktops/laptops.

I never had any issues with the Moov not syncing and the software never crashed.

Battery Life

The Moov battery lasts for 8 hours of active workout time. If you workout for 30 minutes every day, it will last for 2 weeks from one charge. It takes about 30 minutes to charge via its USB charging dock.


Moov is the brainchild of former Apple engineer Nikola Hu, Meng Li, and Tony Yuan who describe the device as the “second generation of wearables.” I don’t think many people would disagree.. Moov is different to other Quantified self wearables which track steps etc over the course of the day and monitor your sleep, instead it’s a digital coach, and it works! For the money Moov is seriously impressive..


 Around $50 USD

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