The Moontrak wearable, aka smart jewelry accessory, developed by your’s truly is totally unique in the wearable tech space.

It caters for anybody who’s curious about learning how the monthly cycles of the moon influences them. Designed with the Golden mean, Moontrak is probably the most charming wearable in the world. Or maybe even the universe (I designed it so I’m a little biased).

moontrak fitness tracker moon phase

The moon fitness tracker feature set includes steps taken, calories burned, distance walked, and sleep quality and duration. If you reckon you might be prone to burning more calories during a waning moon, sleeping less during a full moon, feeling more creative or affectionate when the moon is in a certain zodiac sign, this is the wearable for you. There’s also a notification feature and a tap-activated display which shows you the real-time, zodiacal location of the moon and sun.

Check back soon to find out more about what we’re doing with Moontrak 🙂