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Modius Fat Burning Wearable – The Next Big Thing in Weight Loss?

The idea to lose weight effortlessly is everyone’s dream..

We all want to get lean and have healthy looking figures. Unfortunately, burning those excess calories isn’t easy, even with the best weight loss meal plan or high-intensity fitness workouts.

In most cases, those who are determined enough, only end up losing a few pounds after several months of struggling with some rigorous exercise sessions or unattractive crash diet. While for those who haven’t got such a strong will or weight loss motive, overweight is often inevitable.

What if it was possible to lose weight fast and easily, without laboring for several hours at the gym or taking some crash diets or supplements. The introduction of a remarkable weight loss technology, Modius, could be the answer as the team behind the invention claim it can help you lose weight without doing any “work”. Yes, you can sit on your couch all day and still get to burn fat…incredible, right?

Modius fat burning wearable technology weight loss

What Exactly is Modius?

The Modius fat reduction wearable is the first of its kind. Modius is a wearable headset which brings about weight loss through the agency of the mind. This new cutting-edge technology was developed by Neurovalens, led by neuroscientists Dr. Jason Mckeown and Dr. Paul McGeoch.

Here’s How it Works

Modius comes with sensors which enable a low-level electrical pulse to be sent to the brain when the device is attached to the neck. On reaching the brain, the electrical pulse stimulates the hypothalamus (which indirectly controls fat storage) to burn more fat, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

“There is a hormonal response when using MODIUS. It switches on your metabolism, so you burn fat, but without the hunger-pangs you might usually feel when the metabolism is fired-up.”

Key Features

Apparently safe to use, the Modius Fat burning wearable makes use of low-level electrical pulse to stimulate the hypothalamus. While it does this indirectly, the result is a decreased storage of body fat through lesser body consumption and increased metabolic activity, with no adverse side effects.

Modius Works Independently

With Modius, ideally, there is no need for the modern diet. So you don’t have to worry about eating any trial meal or choking on some hard bitter pills. Instead, just attach the headset to relax and burn fat. Too good to be true? We’ll see…

Comfortable and Works for Everybody

Simple and easy to use, Modius has been built with comfort in mind, plus adaptability for all of its users. Modius is a product for everybody whether small or big, young or old, male or female. So far, the trials that have taken place have always yielded a result recording up to 16% fat reduction.

Reduces Appetite

According to its makers, the fat burning wearable helps to keep your appetite at bay. Leptin production is often excessive, especially when concerning people with obesity, one reason being they look to satisfy their craving, even when not actually hungry. Modius is able to reduce this craving by stimulating the hypothalamus to stop producing so much leptin, potentially leading to more healthy eating habits.

Price and Release Date

Modius is one of the hottest Indiegogo projects at the moment, already raising 1937% of its $50K goal with a month left to go. It looks like all the top-tier discounts have been snapped up, but you can still get Modius for the Indiegogo featured price of $449 USD (at the time of writing) with an estimated shipping date of December 2017.

Early Verdict

Modius could be the next big thing in weight loss. We’re looking forward to seeing if it can really be an alternative to those miserable starvation techniques or high-intensity workouts.

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    I bought. US based. When do they ship?

    • Richard Borg
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      It looks like the estimated shipping date has been put back a month to December 2018.

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