Yesterday, the world’s largest hotel chain announced they’re teaming up with the London-based tech startup GoInStore.

The GoInStore platform enables retail websites who have physical premises or high street stores the ability to offer visitors to their website a virtual, interactive shopping experience.

GoInStore is a one-way video, and two-way audio streaming service which allows the visitor to see through the eyes of an assigned member of staff in first person view through a pair of smart glasses, or smartphone.

The visitor can direct the staff member around the store and talk with them about the products they are viewing. We’re not clear on who makes the smart glasses, or the image quality they provide.


Marriott International have seen the potential of the GoInStore service beyond retail stores, and have announced their intentions to use the technology to offer their website’s visitors virtual tours of meetings and events facilities Europe-wide at the ECN’s 14 gold standard hotels.

Marriott’s ECN enables event planners to organize meetings and events on a person-to-person basis at 14 hand-selected European locations. Now with wearable tech and the GoInStore’ streaming service in the mix, event planners will be able to organize the next big thing while boiling an egg in their kitchen. This might be disappointing to those who’re trying to clock up air miles, or just bought the latest smart suitcase.

André Hordagoda, one of the co-founders of GoInStore, said: “Having previously focused on the retail space, we’re excited to partner with Marriott International in Europe to apply our pioneering technology to a new sector”.

GoInStore intend to keep stretching the boundaries of what’s possible in multi-channel interactive solutions, including augmented and virtual reality.