After its first week on Kickstarter, the LunaR solar powered smartwatch has raised upwards of $115,000 USD, easily surpassing its $50,000 funding goal.

Solar powered watches are not exactly new, but MED USA, the company behind LunaR, reckon their’s is the first watch powered by the sun which can be called “smart”.

Solar Technology

The transparent solar panel used with LunaR was pioneered by French solar tech company, Sunpartner. While harvesting sun light or artificial light sources as a means of energy, the photovoltaic panel is transparent, making it suitable for a watch.


LunaR doesn’t offer a touchscreen like a fully fledged smartwatch. Instead it uses mechanical movement like a traditional watch, so hybrid smartwatch or smart analog is a more suitable title. Making it different from most hybrid watches is the movement which doesn’t sync with your smartphone’s clock, instead it uses the traditional method of rotating the crown to set the time.

LunaR solar powered smart watch

Smart Notifications

As well as regular hands, LunaR’s display has built-in LEDs which can indicate, in the color of your choice, when you receive a notification from apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter and more.

Activity Tracking

The solar powered smart watch has built-in motion sensors which serve up activity tracking capabilities, such as steps taken and sleep quality. You can also set your daily goals and receive a vibrating alert and LED display once they have been achieved.

LunaR solar power watch

Travel – World Clock – Dual Time Zones

LunaR has been designed with travel in mind. It can provide two different time zones by using the LEDs for local time and watch hands for home time. The local time is automatically updated through the LunaR app according to your smartphone’s GPS. If you don’t have a phone with GPS, then just use the app to select the city of your choice.

Sunrise and Sunset Times

LunaR features integrated sunrise and sunset technology, providing accurate data for your current location through the LEDs and on the dashboard page of the LunaR app which will be available for iOS and Android.


LunaR has a 5 ATM (50 meters) waterproof rating, which means it will survive a water pistol fight or even a dip in your local duck pond.


Kickstarter prices begin at $138 USD and the future retail price will be $239. The estimated shipping date for Kickstarter backers is December 2017.




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