New York-based tech firm LifeBeam have kicked off a crowdfunding campaign for their latest wearable called Vi. We just got word of the campaign launch about an hour ago and already they’ve raised 75% of the $100,000 funding goal.

The new product, LifeBeam Vi, is being described as “The New Voice of Fitness”. In short, Vi is artificial intelligence living inside a pair of high-quality earbuds with audio from Harman/Kardon.

The high-tech wearable has an innovative design which allows you to wear it as a necklace with the smart earbuds attached, thus you can wear it around your neck all day, only using the earbuds when you need them.

The smart earphones act as a real-time personal trainer aiming to help you run better and faster, burn calories more effectively, find your ideal heart rate zones, prevent injuries, and plenty more. Vi’s intelligent voice feature coaches you while you’re on the move, with real-time pace and speed updates and other tips to motivate you just like a real personal trainer.


Speech recognition enables you to command Vi using your voice, with features such as music control, voice-to-text, and hands-free phone calls. The speech recognition technology works whether you’re connected to the web or not, and it learns the users unique voice over time to ensure it understands what’s being said.

Vi’s fitness tracking features include: heart rate, heart rate variability, speed, cadence, elevation, weather reports, location, user anatomy, training history, and more. There’s no built-in GPS so to make the most of the Ai earphones you need to be connected to your smartphone.


Vi uses Bluetooth LE to connect with iOS and Android devices. The companion app can be synced with Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, and music apps such as Spotify.

Battery Life

Powering the next-gen earphones are 2 x 90mAh rechargeable lithium polymer batteries which give you 8 hours + of running time.

Price and Release Date

Early prices are up for grabs at $179 USD (although they won’t be for long). If you miss the earlybirds, a limited batch of 400 may still be available for $199 with an estimated shipping date of January 2017. Vi’s retail price will be $249.

With voice commands, real-time coaching, all the essential fitness tracking sensors, heart rate variability, hands-free texts and calls, high-quality audio by Harman/Kardon, and loads more, LifeBeam Vi looks like a seriously impressive wearable..