Trouble sleeping? These new-age headphones could be the remedy. The brainchild of a London-based startup, the Kokoon EEG headphones are being described as “the ultimate sleep sanctuary”.

The creator of Kokoon came up with the idea after searching for a natural way to get some sleep that didn’t involve plugging his lugs or necking a packet of pills.

Kokoon are the world’s first sleep sensing headphones using electroencephalogram (EEG) technology that measures the brain’s electrical activity.

How do the Kokoon headphones help you get to sleep? Audio of course. One of the techniques used by sleep clinics, audio is known to help you relax and ultimately get some shut-eye; unless it’s Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, or my favorite, the old barking dog..

Kokoon have partnered with Onkyo to make sure the headphones deliver high-quality HD Bluetooth sound. “We’ll be working with Onkyo’s acoustic engineers to craft the perfect audio ensuring that Kokoon will be a great pair of every day headphones as well.”


So what type of audio helps us sleep? This is certainly down to personal preference. Some examples would be: meditation music, audio story books, audio learning books such as languages, binaural beats; and my personal favorite, listening to late-night expert interviews about why the moon is made of cheese.

The sleep tracking Bluetooth headphones come with a companion app that’s packed full of features developed in collaboration with sleep scientists. It will help you identify bad sleep habits, monitor sleep patterns over time and more. Within the app you’ll also find a special audio library full of relaxing and sleep inducing sound.

As well as cleverly controlling the volume of your audio, the headphones feature an intelligent alarm with various settings: Full Nap, Single Cycle, Recovery Nap, and Power Nap. Apparently the smart alarm knows the best time to wake you up in the morning, but saying that, so does my Chihuahua.

Wearing most headphones and even earbuds to bed isn’t exactly the most comfortable experience. As you would expect, the comfort level of the Kokoon headphones has been a high priority in their development. They use a patented comfort system called FlexMould which was inspired by high-end sports shoes and pillows. The system disperses pressure away from sensitive areas, and the electronics have been shifted to the headband, allowing for an extremely low-profile fit.

You can find out more and pre-order the Kokoon headphones now for $229.


Can I see myself wearing these headphones while I’m worming around in my pit? Unlikely.. But I sleep like a redundant airline pilot anyway..