Sports and audio tech specialists Jabra have revealed their latest entry into the smart fitness tracking earphones space, the Jabra Elite Sport.

Performance and Fitness Tracking

Jabra’s new Elite smart sport headphones are completely wireless. They feature clinical grade in-ear heart rate monitoring, and tons of performance and fitness tracking options, including: steps, distance, calories, speed, cadence, reps, race predictor, recovery advisor, and Vo2 Max to measure your cardio fitness.

They also help you to train using heart rate zones, and offer real-time audio feedback and performance coaching.

Jabra aren’t new to equipping their headphones with built-in heart rate sensors; the Jabra Sport Pulse, released in October 2014 also clock your BPM, but they’re not true wireless like the new Elite.


Along with tracking virtually every fitness metric under the Sun, the Jabra Elite Sport offer bass-enhanced music playback from their 20Hz to 20kHz drivers, with passive noise cancellation and HearThrough technology so the ambient noise around you isn’t completely cut out. Like the Samsung Gear IconX, you can use both earbuds or just one. As well as music control – volume, play, pause, and skip; you can activate Google Now and Siri with the Elite Sport.


The Elite Sport double as a Bluetooth headset so you can take phone calls hands-free while you’re on the move, and control the calls using voice commands and audio prompts. On board are 4 digital MEMS microphones with a frequency range of 100Hz to 10kHz and advanced noise cancellation.



The Jabra Elite Sport use Bluetooth 4.1 to connect with iOS, Android and Windows devices. The Jabra Sport Life app also plays nice with some of the best third-party fitness apps, including Strava, Endomondo, RunKeeper, and MapMyFitness.

Battery Life

Up to 3 hours of music playback and talk time. Included in the package is a portable power bank/charging case that gives you an additional 6 hours.


An IP67 Water-resistance rating basically means the Jabra Elite Sport will survive a dunking if you really feel the need. Ultimately, they’re splash-proof but not for swimming.

Price and Release Date

Jabra are taking pre-orders now over at their website. Depending on which side of the Atlantic you dwell, the price is $249.99 USD or £229.99.

If that’s a little bit too pricey, you can now pick up the HRM-enabled Jabra Sport Pulse for around $140 USD.¬†Orders for the new Elite Sport will be shipping in late October to early November.





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