• The internet of animals is here — and it may just be the saviour of humankind

IoT and Wearables for Animals the Future of Farming

IoT devices and wearables being used to boost farming production efficiency and increase environmental sustainability is a real thing and inevitably the future.

Fitness trackers for pigs and drones spotting crops damaged by insects are just some of the gizmos contributing to the inception of connected farming. Robot guard dogs to keep the wolves away from the sheep are probably just around the corner, too. Cows wearing VR headsets, I’m not sure about.

WILL we ever see robotic cows strolling in the street dispensing milk from bionic teats? That may not be as far-fetched as it seems. Tech-savvy farmers are turning to wearables to manage their livestock, from Fitbit-style trackers on cows to piglet distress sensors and bovine ovulation predictors. ‘These livestock […]



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