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HTC Vive Price Confirmed – Get Ready For Mindblowing VR

The HTC Vive is one of the three big names in VR to be heading our way in 2016. Todat at MWC in Barcelona the price of the HTC Vive was officially announced, followed shortly after by a blog post on blog.htcvive.com.

The higly anticipated VR headset has a price tag of $799 USD. In the run up to the announcement, speculations about the price generally pointed towards the Vive being more expensive than its VR rival, the Oculus Rift. As the Oculus can now be pre-ordered for $599, the speculators were right.

Pre-orders for the consumer-ready Vive powered by SteamVR will open at 10am Eastern Time February 29th and shipping will begin just over a month later in early April. If you’ve got the PC power ready for the ocassion you will be able to dive straight into the VR experience as the consumer edition Vive will be shipping as a complete kit along with two wireless controllers, 360 degree tracking and room scale movement sensors. You will also be able to stay connected while in the virtual world as the HTC Vive can integrate with your smartphone over Bluetooth and deliver VR notifications.. Cool.

For a limited time (not sure how limited) the consumer edition will be shipping along with two VR titles..

Job Simulator

a virtual world where jobs traditionally grinded out by humans have been taken over by robots – no doubt accurately depicting the not so distant future (get involved with building robots kids!!). The Job Simulator is oddly demonstrated in the trailer with a pair of virtual hands making a bacon sandwich.

Fantastic Contraption

A creative VR experience that’s all about building strange virtual objects and machines that can fly, roll or walk away after you’ve built them. In the trailer the makers of the title say that building things “is the best”.. In the virtual realm it might be, but on a cold, wet, real life construction site it ain’t..

So now we know the HTC Vive price, and Oculus Rift price…. Just the waiting for Sony to announce the Playstation VR price and we’ll have a full house..






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