• Can wearable tech take off in Sunday League? Trying out the Playertek GPS tracker for amateur footballers

How the Playertek Football Tracker Performs on the Pitch

Sports and business journalist Joe Hall tries out the Playertek football tracker in a match at the training ground of Charlton Athletic. The company behind Playertek, Catapult Sports already provide technology to analyze pro player performance to over 1,250 clubs, including some of the Premiere League’s top sides. Now the company is scaling their performance tracking down so you don’t need to be earning Premiere League wages to track your game.

Amateur footballers tested themselves against professional footballers’ stats at a Playertek exhibition (Source: Lee Mills/WRAPP) If you have ever belonged to a Sunday League football side, chances are you have probably turned up to play the worse for wear. Whether it was an unnecessary post-last orders beer or too […]



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