Gemio is what happens when a rocket scientist teams up with successful entrepreneur and a world-class developer.. The Seattle-based startup headed by this brainy bunch are giving friendship bracelets a tech makeover.

Gemio is a designer wearable created for teens who fancy expressing themselves by way of colors and light shows at the same time as staying connected to the digital domain.

We first covered Gemio back in October 2015 and thought it would be popular when it hit crowdfunding. We were right, as the smart bracelet smashed its Kickstarter goal of $50K in less than 48 hours.

Since we covered Gemio, it seems its creators have changed direction a bit as there was no mention of music back then. Now though, there’s a strong emphasis on the bracelet being the next must-have accessory for music festivals.

Gemio is equipped with proximity, light, sound, and motion sensors, plus an LED panel capable of emitting millions of color variations and the ability to display personalized light shows that respond to music.


There’s plenty more to Gemio than making you stand in the crowd at a festival. Its modular snap-on tiles allow you to customise the look to match the color of your outfits.

Gemio users can connect with each other and create a mini social network simply by pressing a button on the bracelet, this feature even works without being connected to a smartphone.

When other users are within 100 feet, the bracelet vibrates and displays patterns. These friend alerts can be customized to perform different light shows depending on who’s nearby. If a whole bunch of Gemio users are in range, all the bracelets can sync and play matching patterns.

Users can control the colorful smart jewel by assigning gestures such as waves, handshakes and high-fives to the different light shows. And, for the sake of being discrete, the LEDs can be deactivated so the bracelet will communicate using only vibrations.

The MyGemio app acts as a social network and allows users to create and share their own designs to display on the bracelets. Custom light patterns can also be created and shared between users as a form of communication.


The smart bracelet uses Bluetooth to wirelessly sync with Android and iOS devices.

Gemio will be retailing at around $82 USD. Discounts are still available for Kickstarter backers, with an estimated shipping date of November 2016 – January 2017.