Garmin’s new fitness tracker for kids adds the fun factor and some lively colors to their Vivofit series, as well as shrinking it down to junior size.

The Garmin Vivofit jr is styled after the popular Vivofit 3, but instead of fixing to the wrist using a buckle/clasp, the kid’s version uses a single-piece stretchy band, which apparently makes it harder to lose. Available colors are Broken Lava Red, Digi Camo, Real Flower, Black, and Purple.

There’s quite a lot of talk these days about how many kids aren’t getting enough sunlight and excercise due to the connected age where they can socialize and play video games with friends without leaving the house. Garmin who are known for their outdoor products are aiming to get kids moving with features like the Move Bar and Virtual Rewards.

A brand new app that’s free to download has been made for the Vivofit jr. The app has plenty of cool features to connect parents with their kid’s activities, such as the Reward Giver which allows parents to designate custom rewards in exchange for virtual coins.

The Kid Motivator feature aims to get juniors to meet a 60 minute daily activity goal by progressing through a virtual adventure trail which contains educational facts about wildlife. The Family Energizer and Family Leaderboard features are designed to inspire healthy competition.


Probably the most appetizing ingredient for parents is the Chores feature which enables them to assign chores from their smartphones. Once assigned, the chores show up on the kid’s wrist. The chores could include brushing teeth, doing homework, tidy your room, feed the guinea pigs, or whatever else. The Chores feature also includes a countdown timer to remind juniors that the clock is ticking. The Vivofit jr app is compatible with iOS 9.1 + and Android 4.4 +.

Along with all the cool family features, the Vivofit jr offers basic fitness tracking. It will keep tabs on your children’s daily step count as well as their sleep quality (movement throughout the night) and sleep duration (times of sleeping and waking).

Like the rest of the Vivofits, the kid’s version is water-resistant enough to take for a swim, and it never needs charging. Instead it uses a replaceable coin cell battery which lasts around one year.

You can pre-order the Garmin Vivofit jr for $79 USD on



Source / Garmin

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