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Garmin TruSwing Aims to be Your 1st Choice Golfing Gadget

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Garmin aren’t slowing down their wearable tech assault any time soon. We’ve recently covered the new Fenix 3 HR multipurpose smart sports watch, and the quatix 3 smartwatch for sailing and fishing.

Garmin are well-known for incorporating features to help you navigate golf courses into their wearables, such as the Garmin Approach S6. Recently the GPS giganticos announced TruSwing, their new addition to the golf tech arena.

Garmin TruSwing is lightweight, coming in at just 28 grams. It can be mounted onto any golf club as it uses a non-slip clamp which attaches the sensor to the shaft just below the grip.

The Garmin TruSwing sensor is set to compete with the likes of Swingbyte, Game Golf, PIQ and Zepp as a device that can track your swing in real-time and playback 3D animations on a smartphone or tablet using the Garmin Connect app.

Amateur and pro golfers alike can benefit from side-by-side swing comparisons and the ability to overlay two swings on top of each other – so when you hit the perfect shot you can use that swing as your reference to help you gain consistency throughout your game. Your golfing data is stored in the Garmin Connect app so you can see all of your past swings. Swing data can also be shared with friends or other golfers that may be inclined to give you some tips.


TruSwing’s feature set includes: Swing Tempo – the backswing ratio to downswing time; Swing Speed – how fast your club head strikes the ball; Club Path – the horizontal motion of the club in relation to your target line; Face to Target – analysis of how you open or close the clubface in comparison to the target line on impact; Dynamic Loft – a measurement taken from the shaft’s center to calculate the angle between the shaft and ground; Shaft Lean – a measurement taken from a 90 degree vertical angle which calculates the angle you’re holding the club to help improve the Loft angle.

The Garmin TruSwing is compatible with the Approach G7 and G8 handheld golf GPS units, and the Approach S20, S4, S5, and S6 golf watches. It has a battery life of around 12 hours if you really want to grind out your sessions, and a water-resistance rating of IP67 so if you get caught out in the rain it won’t die.

The sensor uses Bluetooth LE to sync with the Garmin Connect mobile app which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

Garmin TruSwing will be available sometime in Q1 of 2016 with a price tag of around $149.99 USD and £129.99 in the UK. There will also be an Approach S6 watch bundle available shortly after the initial release date.

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