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Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch, Wearables Meet Luxury

Frederique Constant, based in Geneva, Switzerland, has been making luxury watches since 1988. Now 27 years later, the prestigious brand has become one of the first Swiss companies to step into the new age of wearable technology.

Most of the well-known smartwatch brands are currently orientated more towards being a gadget rather than a fashion accessory, and that’s not surprising with names like Samsung, LG and Sony who are technology manufacturers, not fashion houses. Apple is kind of bridging the gap between tech and fashion with the Apple Watch, and as you can pay $17,000 for an Apple Watch Edition, you’d hope it would get noticed and deemed extremely fashionable!

There are other less well-known brands that are focusing their smartwatches in the direction of fashion, but generally their products are in limited stock at the moment. Some of these brands include Vector and Olio.

The Swiss watch-making company, Frederique Constant, is certainly earmarking their new horological smartwatch as a high-end fashion accessory, with technology playing a subsequent role. The CEO of Frederique Constant, Peter Stas, said during the press launch of the company’s new Smartwatch, “We are approaching this from the watch side. For us, the timepiece needs to remain a beautiful watch. And the smart functions sit on top of that.”

Blending modern and classic is the aspiring sentiment from Frederique Constant regarding their new smartwatch, which is crafted by hand from fine materials, and comes with a promise of longevity.

There is no digital screen on the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch. Instead, information from a connected device is displayed on the dial by diamond cut hands.


Features, MMT, MotionX

Apart from telling the time and date, the Frederique Constant smartwatch offers the most successful application in wearable tech at the moment; The Quantified Self. In other words fitness tracking.

MotionX is the brainchild of Silicon Valley firm, Fullpower. It’s a patented sleep and activity monitoring ecosystem that includes circuit design, sensor-fusion firmware, communications stacks, smartphone apps, and cloud infrastructure. The MotionX platform is found in some of the world’s most popular activity tracking wearables, including Fitbit and Jawbone.

A new company called; Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT) was founded in 2015. MMT is a joint venture between Silicon Valley’s Fullpower Technologies, and Union Horlogere Holdings based in Geneva. The result is a chain of companies, so far from Switzerland, producing what are now known as Horological Smartwatches. Frederique Constant, Mondaine, and Alpina are the first companies licensed to use MMT technology.

As it uses MotionX, we can expect the Frederique Constant smartwatch to deliver some of the best and most accurate activity tracking features available. It will count your steps, distance travelled and calories burned. You can set goals and alerts, plus take advantage of in-depth sleep monitoring with light and deep sleep analysis.

The companion app is available for iOS and Android. Within the app there’s an adaptive smart coaching feature that learns about the user over time.


The smartwatch uses Quartz movement, has a Sapphire crystal display, it’s Water-resistant up to 50 meters, and has a battery that never needs charging – instead it needs to replaced every 2 years.

The Price of the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch starts at $995 USD. Find out more at frederiqueconstant.com

Early Verdict

If your’e a gadget lover, then this is probably not the wearable for you. There are no smart notifications, built-in GPS, downloadable watch faces, music player or SIM card slot. But, if you admire the fine craftmanship of traditional watches, and have an avidity for the Quantified Self, then look no further than Switzerland!


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  1. hammad December 4, 2015 at 7:08 pm - Reply

    I am writing to enquire about the watch that is on display on the website’s model number. from the look of it the dial is copper and the strap is dark green. Is it available to purchase?

    • Richard Borg
      Urban1 December 6, 2015 at 2:28 pm - Reply

      Hammad. The watch you are talking about is a unique model created for the “Only Watch” charity auction. The case is 18 carat rose gold.

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