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The Fossil Q Smart Analog Watch Collection for Ladies and Gents

Fossil’s four-piece smart analog watch collection has been given a release date of September 26th – 28th..

The Fossil Group have been the busiest body in wearable tech in 2016, maybe apart from Garmin. Fossil’s endeavour to release 100 connected devices before the end of the year is on track, with the recent smart analogs on the way this month, plus the recent availability of the their two new Android Wear smartwatches.

In the pursuit of launching 100 wearables in 2016, Fossil will be co-branding along with some big names in the fashion industry, including Emporio Armani, Diesel, Skagen, Micheal Kors, and Kate Spade.

Fossil Q Smart Analog Watch Collection

Also known as Hybrid Smartwatches, and otherwise spelled Smart Analogue watches, this new generation of wearables provide the class and build-quality of a traditional watch, plus the fundamental smarts of a full-on smartwatch, i.e., Bluetooth, fitness tracking and notifications.

Apart from having analog displays, the factor that separates them the most from their touchscreen smartwatch cousins, is battery life. In general, a smart analog watch uses a coin cell battery that never needs charging, depending on the brand, they usually last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.


All four Fossil Q smart analog watches offer vibrating alarms and will buzz when you receive an incoming call or text.

They keep track of your steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and sleep quality.

The watches feature Fossil’s Q-Link Smart Button which enables you to remotely control your smartphone’s camera, music playlist, and sets off an alarm on your phone when you can’t find it.

The watches connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth and are compatible with iOS 8.2 + and Android 4.4 +. They offer a battery life of up to 6 months – no charging required.

For Her: Fossil Q Gazer


For Her: Fossil Q Tailor


For Him: Fossil Q Crewmaster


For Him: Fossil Q Nate


Prices for the Fossil Q hybrid smartwatches start at $175 USD. Pre-orders open on September 14th, availability starts on September 26th.

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