Electric longboards and skateboards are arguably the coolest method of transport, on land anyway.

Many electric longboards have enough power to thrust the average sized homo sapien at 20 MPH or more for over 15 miles. Apart from some brands not being as reliable as they could be, the other problem with E longboards is where to put them once you reach your destination.

It’s not as if you can park them by the side of the road or chain them to a bike shed. Plus, they weigh around 15 lbs on average, so it’s not ideal to carry them around the mall, or wherever you go.

Linky Innovation is an Italian startup who have endeavored to find a solution to the electric longboard on-the-go storage dilemma. Their answer is to simply fold it up and carry in your backpack or travel bag.

linky foldable electric longboard

The Linky electric longboard uses a patented system that allows it to be foldable as well as sturdy, according to its makers. It weighs 10.8 lbs which is on the light side for an E longboard. Linky comes in two styles: Classic Bamboo and Carbon. They both look very cool, especially the Bamboo.

Linky’s foldability doesn’t seem to comprimise its performance on the road. It has a top speed of 18.6 MPH, a 9.3 mile range, and can go up hills with a 10% incline carrying a person weighing 220 lbs. We’re not clear on how long Linky takes to charge with a standard charger, but an optional fast charger is on offer which charges the battery to 85% in half an hour.

Linky has regenerative brakes, a USB port to charge your smartphone, and an LED headlight to help you avoid squashing hedgehogs in the dark.

The foldable electric longboard is available to pre-order over now at Indiegogo with early bird prices starting at $699, and $89 for the optional fast charger. The estimated shipping date for Indiegogo backers is April 2017.





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