Described as ‘a Fitbit in your eyesight’, the EyeCo heads-up display for action sports is now live on Indiegogo.

Designed by U.S-based Victorise, Eyeco is built for sports where speed matters, such as mountain biking, motorsports, snowboarding, and running. It clips into your goggles using a magnetic attachment and provides real-time color-coded notifications in your peripheral vision, with the goal of helping you go faster while training or racing.

The EyeCo wearable uses customizable GPS-based triggers so you can get notified of upcoming twists, bumps, turns and hazards in the course or road without you having to remember them. This real-time feedback feature not only helps with speed, but also safety.

EyeCo also offers a splits feature which enables you to analyze your performance between sections so you know whether you’ve improved over your last session, or not. Other features include navigation, crash detection, auto-pause, community sharing, Strava compatibility, and offline mode. Eyeco’s companion app is available for iOS and coming to Android in the Fall.

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With national mountain biking champion, Jerome Lacote leading the team behind the EyeCo heads-up display, it’s safe to say they have very good knowledge of the action sports industry and tweaks that could potentially help you go faster and safer.

Prices for the EyeCo action sports wearable start at $149 over at Indiegogo (40% off future retail price). The estimated shipping date for Indiegogo backers is October 2018.

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