Sports and wellness technology company Cloudtag are bringing out a new fitness tracker called Cloudtag Track. With their ten-year background in medical research, Cloudtag are confident that their consumer-ready medical-grade device will be the most accurate fitness tracker for monitoring your heart rate and energy output.

So what makes Cloudtag Track different to other devices on the market, such as Fitbit, Garmin, Mio etc? Wrist worn HRM-enabled fitness trackers from Fitbit, Garmin and Mio use optical heart rate monitors which measure your heart rate by shining light through the skin and reading changes in the blood flow being pumped by the heart.

Although they are improving, optical heart rate monitors haven’t got the best track record in terms of accuracy, especially for high intensity training, although they are pretty reliable for measuring resting heart rate.


The Cloudtag Track stands out from the bunch as it uses advanced ECG sensors to obtain clinical-grade results for heart rate, energy expenditure and calorie output.

Another thing that differentiates Cloudtag Track from the competition is its innovative design and beatSMART clip that allows it to be worn on the wrist as you’re going about your daily bustle, and then worn on the torso close to the heart when exercising. From a BPM accuracy standpoint, this makes perfect sense.


The Cloudtag smartphone app for iOS and Android provides a state-of-the-art user experience with emphasis on weight loss. Combined with its dynamic adjustments delivered through the app using machine self-learning, Cloudtag Track serves up new offerings in the fitness tracking domain.


Weight Loss

The app provides a personalized fitness and nutritional program and relates directly with the user by constantly adapting to your fitness and weight loss progress. By entering your weight into the app on a daily basis, Cloudtag will be able to predict how long it will be before you can fit into your favorite suit or dress that’s been hanging in the closet since the summer before last, or whenever you were last shapely enough to wear it..

Within the Cloudtag app you’ll have access to 350 (and growing) exercises developed by professional coaches and personal trainers, plus, a wealth of nutritional information with international weight-loss icon, Jessie Pavelka as an ambassador of the program.

Fitness Tracking

Along with offering exercise programs and nutritional advice, the Cloudtag Track has all the activity tracking essentials onboard. It will track your steps taken, calories burned, active minutes and will automatically monitor your sleep patterns. There’s also a social aspect which allows you to share goals and progress, and invite friends to join you in a Cloudtag challenge.

Price and Release Date

The Cloudtag Track will be available this summer (2016), with a price tag of £89.99.

If the heart rate monitor on this next-gen fitness tracker is as accurate as claimed, I reckon some of the leading brands will be spilling their coffee in the boardroom..