Come August 2015, travellers could have a new best friend! The Bluesmart high-tech suitcase, aka The Worlds First Smart, Connected Carry-on. GPS trackers have become a standard issue gadget for people who like to stay on top of where things are, but the Bluesmart suitcase offers far more than just GPS tracking.

The technology inside the Bluesmart case syncs via Bluetooth to a smartphone app for either Android or iOS. The case can be locked and unlocked from within the app, if you accidentally walk to far away from the case, it will automatically lock itself. Just incase your phone runs out of battery, or worse gets flushed down the toilet, Bluesmart comes with a key which enables you to manually open the case.

Arriving at the airport and finding out your luggage weighs more than the airlines allowance can be a right pain in the Rumpelstiltskin, not to mention expensive, and how many of us actually put our luggage on the bathroom scales before leaving for the airport? Bluesmart solves the overweight luggage crisis as it automatically weighs what you’ve packed , then the app will tell you if it’s over the limit for your airline.

The app also acts as a travel assistant, giving you data and tips about your journeys, such as time spent in each country, distance travelled and which airports you have visited. For the growing number of Smart Watch users out there, an app is also being developed for wearables.


Worry not about losing your Bluesmart luggage, if it gets accidentally re-routed to the wrong destination by the airline, the built-in GPS will tell you where it is.

Built into the Bluesmart suitcase is a high power battery charger/power bank, a handy inclusion because travellers often run out of power for their devices on long journeys. The built-in charger has enough power to charge a smart phone around six times.

It’s worth noting that the Bluesmart high-tech suitcase complies with regulations issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) so it can legally be carried aboard airplanes.

Bluesmart is still in the development stage, current prototypes are 8.5 lbs (3.8 Kg) in weight and Graphite Black in colour. The Bluesmart team, based in New York, have smashed their indiegogo crowdfunding goal of $50,000, they are now approaching the $1.4m mark!

The worlds first intelligent suitcase is expected to retail from $350-$400 (£225-£255) and should be shipping by August 2015.