The Blinq smart ring puts fashion first and wants to users become more present in the moment..

Probably the most common feats smart jewelry companies aspire to, is making their product look good enough to wear like a regular jewelry accessory and to help you gain some downtime from your smartphone screen. The Blinq smart ring is built to satisfy both standards, as it looks great and offers filtered notifications.

The company behind the attractive smart ring, Canadian startup Blinq Inc are making “Digital Detox” the main theme. With the average citizen reaching for their smartphone around 150 times a day, Blinq are looking to keep users present in the moment.

The Blinq ring uses Bluetooth to connect with its companion app for iOS and Android. You can set up VIP notifications so only the most important calls, texts and emails get through to your finger. To alert you when someone is getting in touch, the ring vibrates and the gemstone glows in various colors using LED Gem-Glow technology.

blinq smart ring app

The app’s API integration also enables you to receive notifications on your finger from top apps, such as Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Uber and more.

The Blinq smart ring feature set spans beyond notifications. It also brings activity tracking – keeping tabs on your daily steps taken, calories burned and distance walked. Another feature packed into the ring, and one that’s becoming increasingly popular with wearables, is an SOS alert. The SOS geo-location feature allows you to set up a list of contacts who will receive an alert and your GPS location if the function is activated in the event of pending danger. At the moment, I’m not sure exactly how the SOS alert is activated on the ring.

smart jewelry bling ring

The ring is water-resistant and is made with precious metals – sterling silver and 14K gold plating, as well as genuine gemstones. The finely crafted wearable will be available with either a yellow, white or rose gold finish and a choice of seven gemstones. There are also seven design variations, making a whole lot of combinations to match virtually any wardrobe.

Blinq are set to Launch their smart ring on Kickstarter in September with a price tag starting at $129 for early bird backers.

Ringly now have some genuine competition in the domain of smart rings..