Wearable tech has been around for a while, but in the last few years it’s really taken off, and the prices have been dropping as well.

Students love tech, and they also love tech that can practically improve their lives and fitness. Read on to find out what the five best wearable technologies for students are.


moontrack wearable technology

Moontrak is stylish, wearable technology that combines tracking your physical activity with information about how the moon’s phases affect your body and productivity. Not only that, but you’ll gain information about how the moon affects your confidence levels and relationship prospects.

Your phone will receive notifications when the moon enters your personal star signs and moon phase. There are also plenty of customization features relating to the moon, sun and planets. You can also customize light patterns and notification light colors.

Xiaomi Mi Band

mi band

This product is proof you don’t need to break the bank to get your hands on some solid wearable tech. Made by the popular Chinese mobile brand Xiaomi, the Mi band does an amazing job of tracking your physical activity levels as well as your sleep,” writes Charles Johnson, educator at EssayRoo and Boom Essays.

All you need is $15 to pick one up at the company’s US online store. It’s even got a handy app that’s compatible with both Android and iPhone. The app sends some basic notifications to your phone, and won’t need to be charged for at least a month! There are definitely more expensive models out there, but they’re basically doing the same basic stuff, so why shell out the extra cash? It’s not like students have a lot of money floating around.


gopro hero

Everybody loves a video project. You can really create a unique approach to these projects by strapping on a GoPro camera. There’s no worry or hassle regarding setting up the shot and equipment, just get going,” advises Michael Murray, writer at UKWritings and SimpleGrad.

Capture every situation from your own first-hand perspective and give that footage an authentic feel. Your instructor will love it. The bonus is a GoPro is light, so you won’t be lugging around all that heavy digital recording equipment, which nobody enjoys.

Jawbone Up2

jawbone up 2

If you like the concept of the Mi band but you want an upgrade, then check out the Jawbone Up2. It’s going to cost quite bit more, but it’s still reasonable, within that student budget, and it’s sleeker, smaller, and more comfortable. Between the device and the app you will get a ton of data and advice, and it will even connect with other fitness and health apps you’ve got.

The Up2 has less of a media buzz than the Up3 and Up4, but frankly, it’s simpler, lighter, and does the same stuff for less money. What student wouldn’t want the same value for less money?


Working independently is an important, but under-utilized skill, for college students. Smartwatches are incredibly useful for time management and keeping members of a group project on the same schedule. I think we’ve all had a group project or two in which someone slacked off and created a bad atmosphere.

Well now those slackers have no excuse, if you’re using smartwatches. You can use your smartwatch to send messages to your fellow students, or your instructor if needed. Just be careful, because smartwatches have been banned in certain environments because of their capacity for cheating on exams.

Withings Activite Pop

withings activite pop

So you want to track your physical activity and sleep levels but without a lame, restrictive wristband? You’re also a student looking for a device that’s reasonably priced? The Withings Activite Pop is relatively cheap and stylish, just what a student is looking for.

The reason it is so affordable is that it’s.. well, not so smart. But it will still get the basics done, including a step counter, sleep tracker, and calorie counter. It’s also waterproof, which is great if you want to burn some calories in the pool. Its battery is a big selling point; it lasts for eight months, and is very cheap to replace. Looks great and costs less than $150.


Students love a bargain, and they also love technology, especially the kind they can wear. Wearable technology has been advancing, and dropping in price, over the last couple of years. You can improve your grades and physical shape with these five best wearable technologies for students.