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Best Playstation VR Games Arriving in 2016

Playstation VR is the obvious HMD of choice for the 34 million + gamers who already own a PS4.

Playstation VR is what the VR universe has been waiting for. Despite the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive beating it to market, PSVR is the one that’s gonna win-over mainstream gaming.

The PSVR specs include: 5.7-inch OLED 1920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080 per eye) display, 120hz, 90hz refresh rate, 100 degree field of view (approx), super-low latency at under 18 milliseconds, integrated microphone, 3D audio through headphone jack, and available microphone input, accelerometer, gyroscope, and 360 degree head tracking by way of the Playstation Camera and 9 LEDs on the headset.

 Playstation VR is available now

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The Best Playstation VR Games 

PSVR DriveClub


The highly anticipated virtual reality racing title is here and it doesn’t disappoint. With incredibly detailed graphics just like DriveClub PS4, this is the closest many people will get to racing the world’s fastest cars. Available now.

Starwars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission


Jumping into the cockpit of the legendary X-Wing fighter to do battle with TIE fighters and gigantic Imperial Star Destroyers up close in the in the ever-evolving Star Wars universe. Coming in October.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew


Join Starfleet, become a Captain and put your decision-making skills to the test while mixing with some of the most well-known characters from across the Star Trek generations. Coming November 29th 2016. Available now.

Batman Arkham VR


Get into the role of the world’s darkest detective VR style, and track down some bad *ss villains in first-person view while traversing some of the most iconic locations in Batman’s universe, such as the Batcave and Wayne Manor. Available now.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard


The original survival horror game is back to scare the pants off innocent Playstation owners. VR compatibility and first-person view means heart-attack-alerts should be set to high probability.. Coming January 24th 2017.

Tekken 7


Heihachi Mishima is still playing the villain in Tekken 7 despite the amount of times I’ve snapped his limbs with King over the years. If you’re thinking it would make sense to bring first person combat to the VR rendition, Bandai Namco don’t agree, that’s why it won’t be an option.

London Heist


Being thrown into the deep end of London’s underworld and taking part in robberies, shootouts, car chases and basically tearing up the capital with a load of unhinged cockney gangsters with an aptitude for profanities. The first person action shooter is set to launch at the same time as PS4 VR.

Gran Turismo Sport


Not to be confused with GT7, GT Sport is coming to Playstation VR with two cups: The Nation’s Cup where players will represent chosen countries, and the Manufacturer Fan Club where you race for different manufacturers. The company behind the GT series have teamed up with the FIA in a bid to recognize outstanding GT Sport racers alongside real-life pro drivers.

Ace Combat 7


As the sequel to Ace Combat 6 – Fires of Liberation, the fast-paced flight simulator is back to test your VR endurance as you do battle at supersonic speeds and attempt to litter the cities below with fragments of your ruined enemies.

Eve Valkyrie


Eve Valkyrie has been catching plenty of headlines across the three major players in VR. Customize your ship and engage in a space-based dogfight set in the Eve Online Universe. Lock onto your enemies and blow them out of the quantum with some serious intergalactic firepower or destroy them with spiderbots. Available now.



Take control of the most powerful vehicle ever built – The Cobra, and enter a futuristic, slightly TRON-like VR battlefield and basically destroy anything that gets in your path; mainly tanks and swarms of airborne fighters. Available now.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League


Set in the year 2065 the mechanized combat league is the blood sport of the future. RIGS are colossal fighting machines with sophisticated weaponry that you take control of and enter into lethal sporting events set in arenas around the world. Available now.



Set in space in the year 2037, you become a confused astronaut with a serious case of amnesia. There’s been a disaster onboard the space station, you have a damaged EVA suit and no memory of what caused it. You need to work out how to get home without exceeding your limits, which includes running out of oxygen.

Ark Survival Evolved


A first person survival game set in a prehistoric world where you’ll need to build shelter, find food and protect yourself from becoming a dinosaur’s lunch. Along with the other gigantic beasts, it looks like the Doh Doh has also made a come back, so be nice to them.

Robinson – The Journey


A visually spectacular mystery game where you’ve crash landed on a dangerous planet with a jungle setting full of dinosaurs. Your mission is to get the hell out of dodge without getting stomped on or ripped up by prehistoric predators. Luckily though, you have a gravity-defying A.I orb buddy that helps guide you on your quest.

Dead Secret


Dead Secret is a first person murder mystery/thriller set in a creepy crime scene where the murder took place. There seem to be some weird characters hanging around and your job is to investigate and research the victim’s past and get to the bottom of the mystery before you end up brown bread.



How to describe this one?… Ermm… Flying cars, hoverbikes, piano-playing polar bears, cuddly zombies and a capacious imagination.





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