In the event of jumping off your hoverboard into a pond to escape a bunch of futuristic thugs wielding a self-extending baseball bat, an automatic self-drying jacket would come in handy.

Wearable tech startup Falyon are aiming to release the world’s first consumer-ready self-drying jacket. We’re not entirely sure where Falyon are based as they have two kickstarter pages – one which has been cancelled says Beijing, China and the other which is active says San Francisco, CA.

Falyon are advertising their SDJ (Self-Drying Jacket) as ideal for situations such as getting caught out on a rainy day without an umbrella, or having a drink poured over your head by an angry lover.

The SDJ uses two air amplifiers to direct air flow between the exterior and inner lining of the jacket. The air pressure of each amp is equal to or surpasses a commercial hairdryer. The structure of the jacket keeps the high pressure air circulating in an enclosed space which results in rapid drying from the inside out. The weight of each air amp is 113 grams.

You don’t have to be wet to benefit from the jacket, it can also be used just to cool you down. There are two outlet vents close to the neckline which expel the air resulting in the cooling and drying of the wearer’s face and hair.


The amplifiers are powered by a rechargeable battery situated inside one of the interior pockets. The battery apparently holds enough charge to power the amps for 30 minutes. The battery can either be removed for charging or charged while still in the jacket by way of a 6ft cable.

There are 8 pockets in total – including dedicated pockets for carrying a smartphone and tablet. The drying/cooling process can be easily activated with a power button located on the front of the jacket near the bottom of the zip.


According to Falyon, their self-drying jacket consistently performed well during lab tests – with drying effects starting to occur 30 seconds after activating the amps, and around 1 minute to achieve a 90 percent total drying effect.

The SDJ-00 jacket is still in the prototype stage. Falyon are working towards releasing an SDJ-01 jacket to backers in April 2016, and an SDJ-02 in July 2016.

Their (active) Kickstarter campaign has 17 backers so far with 22 days left to run. Early bird prices for the SDJ-01 start at $149.

2015 is the year that Back to the Future II was set. In light of MJ. Fox recently receiving a pair of 2015 Nike MAG Power Lace sneakers, and the auto-dry jacket coming to life, some might say that the movie was accurate with its predictions.

The jacket isn’t quite as advanced as the one in the movie. It doesn’t have the auto-size-adjust feature and it doesn’t talk.. Give it a few more years..

As novelty as it may seem right now, wearable technology like the SDJ and Power Laces is the future of clothing, and somehow it seems more exciting than monitoring your heart rate and counting calories..