The Arrow is one of the most innovative and appealing smartwatches to show its face since the rise of wearables!

What makes the Arrow Smartwatch stand out from the rest is the patent pending technology that revolves the HD camera 360° around the clock face. So, why rotate the camera? In short, most smartwatches have their camera located in a place that forces you to twist the wrist to take a photo.

With the Arrow, awkward wrist twisting is history! The 360° camera means you can just rotate the bezel and point the camera wherever you want to easily capture your latest viral selfie or YouTube video. The Arrow’s built-in microphone also rotates with the camera which makes it omnidirectional enabling you to capture sound closest to its source.

The makers of Arrow say they’re considering using Android Wear as the OS. If they go ahead and use Android Wear you can expect calls, email, text and social notifications, weather updates, wi-fi, watch-faces, music player controls and more. The arrow will also come with a heart rate monitor and activity tracking sensors.

Arrow Smartwatch Rotating

The camera being the focal feature on a smartwatch has seemed a little pointless in the past, but the Arrow changes this, especially because the ambition of the Arrow team is to make the auto-focus camera 8 mega pixels, which is the same as the iPhone 6.

Sometimes we encounter funny incidents that simply need to be filmed, but it can be a bit awkward shooting video of these weird moments. Being able to subtly take photos and video without the need to raise your smartphone or twist the wrist will turn you into a spy photographer on par with Bond!

When this new breed of smartwatch becomes available it’s going to have some stiff competition, but if it stacks a rotating 8MP camera and microphone on top of smart notifications and heart rate monitoring it will be a worthy opponent!

The Arrow Smartwatch doesn’t only rival the popular Android Wear smartwatches in terms of features but it also looks just as good. It’s non bulky and hard to distinguish from a decent looking traditional watch.

It will come with a Qi wireless charging pad, not much word on the battery life yet. We are still waiting to hear how much the Arrow Smartwatch will cost and the same goes for the release date.

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