A section of Apple’s App Store has been designated for their new smartwatch and apps are coming in fast. Although it doesn’t have a built-in GPS, the Apple Watch features plenty of fitness tracking capabilities, with a built-in accelerometer and heart rate sensor, so expect an abundance of fitness apps. Some of them are featured on Apple’s website, while other companies have stated they’ll launch their apps independently.

Here’s Our recommended Apple Watch top 10 fitness apps




The condition of your skin is an indicator of your overall health. The Skin app makes it easy for you to monitor changes in your skin with the use of photographs, and will alert you of any changes and recommend you to take action. As the Apple Watch doesn’t feature an onboard camera, you will need to use your phone to take the pictures.

Green Kitchen

By Amazing Applications AB


The most important element of your fitness regime is maintaining a healthy diet! Green Kitchen provides recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare them. A timer is also included within the app to ensure you don’t over cook your healthy meals.

Fitstar Yoga

By Fitstar Inc


Manage your Yoga sessions with Fitstar Yoga. You can check your Apple Watch to see exactly how a yoga pose is performed correctly, so if you think your form isn’t quite right you can adjust accordingly with a simple look at the wrist. The app also functions as a timer for different aspects of your yoga sessions.


By Stewart Thomson


Attivo is a decent all round activity tracking app. It will track your calories, distance, speed, elevation and more providing you with data about your runs, hikes or rides. It includes heart rate and Health Kit integration, and is good for keeping up with and comparing your friends activities.


By iosphere GmbH


Trails is an outdoor app which allows you to mark waypoints and photos along your routes. Choose from over 20 stats including speed, heart rate, distance and air pressure and altitude. Trails uses live graphs and provides offline topographic maps helping you to make the most of your outdoor adventures, even without an internet connection.


By Devenyi Gabor


Use your Apple Watch to track your gym sessions with Gymaholic. Get details of your exercise and progress including sets, reps, rest time and body weight. Gymaholic comes preloaded with 202 exercises and the option to create more.


By Endomondo.com


Endomondo is possibly the best all-rounder. Start, stop and pause your workout, and swipe between your heart rate, speed, average pace, distance, duration and calories. These stats are available via 3 different workout screens. Endomondo is one of the fitness app from the Under Amor suite, which also includes MyFitnessPal, UA Record and MapMyRun.


By Human


Human is an app that’s quickly gaining fans with its ability to automatically tracks runs, walks, rides and other activities of 1 minute or longer. The fundamental objective of the Human app is to inspire you to be active for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. It also enables you to interact with family and friends and keep up with their activities in real-time


By Strava Inc


Strava is a great all round fitness app that will track your runs, rides and cross training. It gives you stats on your speed, distance, elevation, calories burned and more. If you’re running or riding on the same course as other Strava users, you can compare your performances to theirs and see your score on a leaderboard. Strava connects to your GPS for route mapping, and you can vies Strava’s global heat map to see where people are running and riding the most. You can also share your activities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


By Runtastic


Runtastic is the leading app in the fitness category with over 100 million downloads. It will track your distance, speed, elevation, calories burned and more. It provides stats about your running, walking, biking, and integrates with your heart rate monitor to give you BPM stats, and GPS to provide maps (Google) of your routes. You can upgrade to Runtastic Pro and get extra features, such as voice coach, integrated music player and the ability to easily share your exercises on Facebook, Twitter and Email.

With the Runtastic Glances feature you can easily see the correct way to perform exercises with demonstrations from the onscreen avatar. During training, having your digital coach on your wrist is more suitable than having to look at your smartphone, in my opinion anyway. There are 3 versions of the app available to fit different aspects of your regime; The original Runtastic for tracking runs with GPS, Runtastic Butt Trainer for @gettingyourassintoshape, and the Runtastic Six Pack for shaping up your abs.