Since its release two and a half years ago the Apple Watch has claimed a decent amount of wrist real estate. To a lot of companies, selling a million or so smartwatches would be very satisfying, but maybe not to the mighty Apple who are used to profits stretching to the outer reaches of the universe.

Whether the world’s biggest tech company are contempt with how much their smartwatch has added to their mammoth bank account is as clear as dishwater. My guess is they’re pretty happy because if someone has a wearable strapped to their wrist, it’s usually the Apple Watch.

As well as announcing the iPhone X last month, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 3 which offers LTE connectivity and independent music streaming capability. According to one analyst the new smartwatch might be a game changer for Apple as they are apparently looking to reduce reliance on iPhone sales for revenue.

When it was first announced, there were predictions that Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AAPL ) Apple Watch would become its next killer product, following in the path of the iPhone, iPad and iPod. While it is the world’s top selling smartwatch, Apple Watch sales have failed to meet lofty expectations. […]